23 Business Courses From 23 Successful Entrepreneurs

As I mentioned on Saturday, this is a very short post just to let you know that the Only72.com sale is now live.

Click here now. The sale is live for only 72 hours. That's until this Thursday (Dec 2) at 10am EST.

If you missed it Saturday, here's a quick rundown of who contributed products to the sale:

Chris Guillebeau, Leo Babauta, Eric Hamm, Danielle LaPorte, Naomi Dunford, Dave Navarro, Laura Roeder, Chris Garrett, David Risley, Charlie Gilkey, Lea Woodward, Johnny B. Truant, James Chartrand, Jonathan Mead, Karol Gajda (hey, that's me!), Everett Bogue, Corbett Barr, Nathan Hangen, Tammy Strobel, Henri Junttila, Erica Douglass, Colin Wright, and Jade Craven.

To find out exactly what products everybody contributed go to Only72.com. :)

In Case This Doesn't Interest You Whatsoever

My goal here at Ridiculously Extraordinary is to give much more than I get. But part of running a business is the actual business part. And that means releasing products for sale every once in a while.

Thanks for bearing with me if you're not into the Only72.com sale.

Remember, I've got a free eBook coming out soon. You can contribute to it here: An Extraordinary Collaboration

There have been dozens of really great questions/requests and I'm looking forward to releasing Ridiculously Extraordinary Insights Volume 1 (tentative title) for free in a few weeks. :)