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Adam Levine
Name: Adam Levine
Birthdate: March 18, 1979
Famous Years: 2000-Present
Currently Known For: Coach on The Voice
Networth: $60 MillionFamous For: Lead Singer of Maroon 5
Adam Levine
Name Adam Levine
Birthdate March 18, 1979
Famous Years 2000-Present
Currently Known For Coach on The Voice
Networth $60 Million
Famous For Lead Singer of Maroon 5

Singer Adam Levine got his start back in the mid 1990’s when he became the frontman for a band named Kara’s Flowers. The band released just one album, “The Fourth World” which didn’t register on the charts, and the band broke up. Four years later, Levine reunited with the band and had a revamped lineup, starting Maroon 5.

Maroon 5 had their first album released in 2002, which went multi-platinum and the band was on their way. Despite taking at least two years between album releases, Maroon 5 has been one of the biggest bands in pop music for more than a decade, and they are still going strong. Levine has especially found success as a solo act and personality, and it’s estimated that these days he has a net worth of $60 million.

Just a couple of years ago, Levine’s net worth was estimated to be around $20 million, but 2014 and 2015 have been massive years for the singer. In combined album sales, Levine (while with his band) has generated more than 20 million copies sold, which has netted an estimated $3.3 million for Levine and his band.

When you aren’t a solo artist, album sales don’t mean all that much, especially over a long period of time, but Levine has had plenty of other money coming in. Levine has participated in four different tours with Maroon 5, including two different Honda Civic Tours, The Overexposed Tour and their current one, The Maroon V Tour, that runs until October 2016.

While those tours have pulled in big bucks, they still aren’t Levine’s biggest source of revenue like most singers. Levine is currently one of the four judges on the massively popular NBC singing competition, “The Voice”. NBC pays Levine a whopping $6 million per year to be one of the four judges on the show, and he has been there since the first season.

Levine has also opened his own record label called 222 Records, and has been very smart with his money, with sources saying that he is now pulling in $35 million per year. Levine also has a tie with Kmart and ShopYourWay.com to create a menswear collection, and he even has his own fragrance line that is sold at Macy’s stores in microphone shaped bottles. Levine did get a bit of controversy from the line, though, because a year earlier he had said that there should be “an official ban on celebrity fragrances. Punishable by death from this point forward.” Everyone has a price, though.

Those aren’t the only business ventures for Levine, as he has created a guitar for sale that can be purchased in Target stores. He is also one of the acting spokesmen for Proactiv, an acne prevention skincare product. Levine has actually been asked if he thinks that he 'sold out' by becoming a brand. Levine responded by saying "I think that there was this generation before us that was so hellbent on not selling out that it went too far, and I feel like maybe it's history correcting itself because it's more acceptable now to do a lot of the things that musicians would have been terrified to do 10 years ago."

Despite being worth more than $60 million these days and pulling in a massive salary that will make him even richer in the coming years, Levine is actually still tied for the lowest net worth for “The Voice” judges with Blake Shelton. That’s because Gwen Stefani ($100 million), Pharrell Williams ($105 Million) and Christina Aguilera ($130 million) are all worth more. Still, $60 million is a nice consolation prize.

Levine is still signed on for multiple seasons of the voice, and the first half of the new competition will be in the spring of 2016 while the fall of 2016 features some big names in the judges’ chairs that include Taylor Swift and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons. As long as the ratings keep coming in, then there is going to be higher and higher salary earnings for Levine.

Within a couple of years, Levine should be able to join the elite $100 million and up club as his empire continues to grow. However, Levine is probably just happy with the fact that one of his contestants just won the singing competition for the third time since its inception.