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Ally Sheedy
Name: Ally Sheedy
Birthdate: January 1, 1970
Famous Years: 1983-1993
Currently Known For: Author, Semi-Retired Actress
Networth: $6 MillionFamous For: WarGames, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo?s Fire
Ally Sheedy
Name Ally Sheedy
Birthdate January 1, 1970
Famous Years 1983-1993
Currently Known For Author, Semi-Retired Actress
Networth $6 Million
Famous For WarGames, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo?s Fire

At one point in movie history, the Brat Pack was nearly unstoppable. The group of actors and actresses was pretty much all anybody could talk about, and there were some big stars that came out of the group. One of them was Ally Sheedy, who had been destined for greatness at a very young age.

Sheedy was born on June 13, 1962 in New York City and was just 12 years old when she found her first taste of success. That’s because Sheedy wrote a best-selling children’s book called “She Was Nice to Mice” which allowed her to gain exposure as a child while earning a decent amount of money. Sheedy said that she had always, and still to this day, likes to write.

Instead of being an author, though, Sheedy was more interested in ballet and acting. After appearing on stage in productions throughout her childhood, Sheedy got her chance on screen when she was just 19 years old, appearing in several TV movies and series which included “Hill Street Blues”. It was a quick time for Sheedy, who said “In hindsight, it didn’t take too long for things to fall into place. Although at 18, it felt like it did.”

She added that “I pounded the pavement finding an agent just like everyone else...It took me about five years to get on a roll.”

In 1983, Sheedy got her first taste of the big screen when she appeared in the Sean Penn film “Bad Boys”. She would follow up that role in the same year when she was cast in “WarGames” with Matthew Broderick. Sheedy was very much on the map at this point, and what was coming next was the biggest era of her career when she was involved in several Brat Pack movies. This would include movies such as “Oxford Blues”, “The Breakfast Club”, “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “Blue City”.

Of course, “The Breakfast Club” is the first movie that people tend to think about with Sheedy, who said that the movie “gave me my career. It’s still very popular and I am recognized on the street or wherever as Allison (her character) all the time. I guess it isn’t dated because the kids at my daughter’s school are watching it and love it...The script was great, but somehow (director) John Hughes made it magical.”

While the 1980s were a fruitful time for Sheedy, the 1990s seemed to be a low point for the actress. After appearing in the 1990 films “Betsy’s Wedding” and “Fear”, Sheedy would have just minor roles throughout much of the decade. In 1992, Sheedy was married to her only husband thus far, David Lansbury, and the couple would have one child before splitting in 2008.

The worst part of the early 1990s for Sheedy, however, was when she went to rehab. Sheedy admitted that she had suffered from drug addiction, depression and eating disorders, revealing these problems in her book “Yesterday I Saw the Sun”. Sheedy said that “When I came to Hollywood in 1980, I was compulsive and smoking a lot of pot.”

She added that “I went to see a counselor and got sober for seven years. Then I fell in love with somebody who is a heavy drinker, and it started all over again. I would take tranquilizers...they were my means of escape.” There were rumors that it was guitarist Richie Sambora who Sheedy had been dating at the time that caused her to get back on drugs.

Sheedy says of her post-Brat Pack time that it was her image that had held her back from becoming a bigger star. “I looked like I came from Kansas - and I didn’t,” she said. “I had a big problem with my appearance being very different on the outside from what was going on in the inside. If there’s any place in the world where they respond only to your exterior, it’s Hollywood. Nobody I was dealing with looked at me and said, ‘You have depth, you can handle difficult roles, you can use your intelligence in your work.’”

For the rest of the 1990s, Sheedy would stick mainly to independent films, a trend that would continue into the 2000s. So far, the only major big budget blockbuster that Sheedy has appeared in over the past 20 years has been “X-Men: Apocalypse” in 2016, though that was a brief cameo. Instead, Sheedy was focusing on what got her her start in Hollywood in the first place, and that was TV movies.

Sheedy would appear in multiple episodes of shows such as “Psych” and “Kyle XY”, even making an appearance with former Brat Pack co-member Anthony Michael Hall on “The Dead Zone”. Still, many have said that Sheedy has had a dive into obscurity, though she’s been working regularly during recent years. Sheedy says that “I would love to do a couple of projects a year, to find a character who leaps out at me and whom I really want to play.”