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Carrie Fisher
Name: Carrie Fisher
Birthdate: October 21, 1956
Famous Years: 1977-2016
Currently Known For: Actress, Comedian
Networth: $25 MillionFamous For: Star Wars, The Blues Brothers, Shampoo
Carrie Fisher
Name Carrie Fisher
Birthdate October 21, 1956
Famous Years 1977-2016
Currently Known For Actress, Comedian
Networth $25 Million
Famous For Star Wars, The Blues Brothers, Shampoo

Even though her parents Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were already famous, Carrie Fisher took her time to be thrust into stardom. Throughout much of the 1970’s, Fisher studied acting before making her film debut at 21 years old in the film “Shampoo”. Two years later, Fisher would land the role that everyone is still talking about today. It was then (in 1977) that Fisher was cast as Princess Leia in the first “Star Wars” film, and she would appear in the entirety of the original trilogy.

Fisher would continue to make more film appearances throughout the 1980’s outside of “Star Wars”, including roles in “The Blues Brothers” and “Hannah and Her Sisters”. It wasn’t just film that Fisher found herself succeeding in, either, as she was also a successful author. Things weren’t always easy for Fisher, however. Later in her career, she would struggle with mental issues, drug abuse and a fluctuating weight. Throughout it all, Fisher maintained a strong public appearance and good attitude toward her fans.

Tragedy would strike in December 2016, though, as Fisher was on her way from London, England to Los Angeles, California. Fisher suffered a cardiac arrest on an airplane and passengers tried to keep her alive. Though she made it to land, Fisher would pass away four days later at the age of 60. It was a somber day for Fisher’s fans, and her death was felt throughout all of Hollywood, and especially in the “Star Wars” fanbase.

Fisher had just starred in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” the year before, as well as a documentary shortly before her death. Fittingly, Fisher’s final film will be “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” that releases in 2017. Between the “Star Wars” franchise, her other roles and her successful books, Fisher had amassed a notably net worth before her death. Some reports have said that Fisher was worth upward of $25 million, while some estimates were as low as $5 million.

Even at the highest estimate, that still seems pretty low for someone that starred in the most profitable film franchise of all time and had several successful books. It turned out that Fisher made a mistake when she first played Princess Leia. At the time, Fisher signed off on a deal that would allow the studios to use her likeness in merchandise (such as action figures and t-shirts), but she would not make money off of the merchandise. Instead, Fisher took a percentage of film profits.

Fisher was also set to inherit a large sum of money from her famous mother, Debbie Reynolds. That money is now with Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd. Debbie Reynolds sadly passed away just days after Fisher, with those close to her saying that she wanted to be with Carrie just before her death. By estimates, the famous mother and daughter combo was worth around $80 million.

The information about actor salaries is more accessible now than it was back in the 1980’s, of course. Still, estimates about salaries from decades ago are always being calculated. In terms of overall career, Fisher appeared in more lucrative films and had non-film success than “Star Wars” co-star Mark Hamill. According to estimates, Hamill had a net worth of $6 million, which was more than some estimates had for Fisher. With her novels, it’s hard to believe that Hamill would be worth more.

So while there is no concrete number for how much Fisher left behind, we do know that she was certainly still a millionaire at the time of her death. Not many people get to say that they began and ended their mainstream acting careers working on the same film franchise. With several more “Star Wars” movies to be released over the next few years, we still have not seen the final appearance for Fisher. Even in the 2016 blockbuster “Rogue One”, Fisher appeared in a computer generated role.

As for Fisher’s only child, Billie Lourd, she has been following in the footsteps of her mother. The 24 year old would not have to work at all because of her inheritance, but has been very busy. Lourd is currently starring on the Fox comedy/horror show “Scream Queens”, and is also slated to star in the next season of “American Horror Story”. For her first film appearance, Lourd got to act alongside her mother in her full final role in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.