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Cindy Crawford
Name: Cindy Crawford
Birthdate: February 20, 1966
Famous Years: 1986-Present
Currently Known For: Model and actress
Networth: $100 MillionFamous For: 1992 Pepsi commercial, Revlon spokeswoman
Cindy Crawford
Name Cindy Crawford
Birthdate February 20, 1966
Famous Years 1986-Present
Currently Known For Model and actress
Networth $100 Million
Famous For 1992 Pepsi commercial, Revlon spokeswoman

"I've always found that beauty and confidence are synonymous. If you feel confident, that's what people see." If people are asked to name the first supermodel that comes to mind, a lot of them would say Cindy Crawford. Crawford is an internationally recognized face that has been able to rake in an estimated net worth of $100 million. For those that grew up in the early 1990s, you’ll probably recognize Crawford from her appearance in the 1992 Diet Pepsi commercial.

Before becoming globally famous, Crawford was attending Dekalb High School in Illinois when she got her first taste of modeling. Crawford was featured on the cover of a newspaper after a photoshoot, and received a lot of comments that said she should go into modeling. Crawford took them up on that advice when she was 17 years old, earning her first talent agent.

While she started modeling, Crawford didn’t let it distract from her studies. In fact, she would finish at the very top of her class as the valedictorian of Dekalb High School in 1984. Colleges were offering up scholarships to Crawford, and she decided to stay within northern Illinois to attend Northwestern University. Not only that, but she was planning on getting a degree in chemical engineering from the prestigious university.

Crawford recalls that getting accepted for the scholarship was “super exciting” as “There was no way my parents could have afforded to send me to school there.” That degree would turn out not to come, however, as Crawford finished just her first semester at Northwestern. She ran into a tough situation with a calculus professor during that semester who didn’t think that she belonged there.

“For some reason, I caught the professor’s eye,” she said. “He was like, ‘Honey, I think you have the wrong class’...That made me so mad. It was really the first time in my life that I felt judged by the way that I looked.” Because of the experience, Crawford says that “It set me on a course of...I’ve got to prove to the world that I’m not (what he thought). I have relaxed that over the years because you just realize, hey, people are going to make those judgments about me or they’re not. But, it as really important to me, especially then, to represent myself as someone who has a brain.”

After leaving Northwestern, Crawford moved to nearby Chicago in hopes of making that modeling dream come true. She started to work for famed photographer Victor Skrebneski before heading to New York City to sign with a new modeling agency. That would end up being the right move, as she was featured in literally hundreds of advertising campaigns, fashion shows and magazine covers.

It would take too long to list the amount of all of the appearances that Crawford made during the 1990s as she was one of the most commonly seen faces in all of media. She would even make some film appearances that included “54” and “The Simian Line” during her career, and made fitness videos in both the 1990s and 2000s. As for television, Crawford has made several appearances in shows such as “Cougar Town” and “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

Despite being the biggest name in modeling throughout the 1990s (and could still be a supermodel in her 50s), Crawford would take her leave from modeling full-time in 2000. She’s still very active in the industry, however, and is focusing mostly on her business ventures that include a furniture line. In 2011, Crawford would make her triumphant return to modeling, though toned down compared to her first stint in the business.

As for Crawford’s IQ, you might be rather impressed to see just how high it is. Crawford’s IQ based on her academic prowess in high school that includes her high testing scores puts her at an estimated 154. This means that Crawford qualifies for the “genius” level, which typically falls between 145 and 164. That would also qualify Crawford for a spot in Mensa, which takes the top 2 percent of people. At an estimated 154 IQ, that places her into the top 0.25 percent of people.

Crawford is one of those celebrities that you shouldn’t judge too quickly based on their appearance. Models have a reputation for not having to do anything more than stand in front of a camera, but Crawford’s talent range includes much, much more than that. After all, she was on a path to become an engineering graduate from a highly regarded university, which not many people can say.

Crawford isn’t the only one in her family that has been in the modeling business. Her current husband (since 1998) Rande Gerber is a former model himself, and both of her children (Presley and Kaia) have done the same. At 52 years old, Crawford is still a huge name in the modeling world, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Even if she’s not on every cover like she used to be, the world still knows who she is, even if they don’t know that she’s also super intelligent.