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Drew Brees
Name: Drew Brees
Birthdate: January 15, 1979
Famous Years: 2000-Present
Currently Known For: Quarterback of the New Orleans Saints
Networth: $130 MillionFamous For: Super Bowl XLIV Most Valuable Player
Drew Brees
Name Drew Brees
Birthdate January 15, 1979
Famous Years 2000-Present
Currently Known For Quarterback of the New Orleans Saints
Networth $130 Million
Famous For Super Bowl XLIV Most Valuable Player

There are certain athletes that are idolized in the cities in which they play in, but perhaps none more than Drew Brees in the city of New Orleans. After helping the team to win a Super Bowl following a natural disaster, it’s easy to see why he’s so beloved in the Big Easy.

Brees spent his college years in Purdue where he helped the Boilermakers to reach the Rose Bowl. Brees then headed to the NFL Draft in 2001, but had to wait a little while to hear his name called. With the first selection in the second round, the San Diego (now Los Angeles) Chargers selected Brees, becoming the backup for Doug Flutie.

Brees didn’t get a massive contract back when he was drafted, especially compared to what he’s earning now. When the Chargers selected him, Brees signed a contract with the team that was worth just $3.6 million spread out over four years. Brees would sit on the bench for his entire rookie season, but then became the starter in 2002.

There were some struggles in his first two seasons as a starter, but Brees finally broke through in 2004 when he threw for 3,159 yards and 27 touchdowns with just seven interceptions. Brees had been named to his first Pro Bowl, which was good timing as he was heading toward free agency. The Chargers, not wanting to let Brees get away, placed the franchise tag on him that would pay him just north of $8 million for the 2005 season.

With the one-year deal in place, the Chargers also had a backup option waiting in the wings in the form of Philip Rivers, who would become the full-time starter at the end of the season. It wasn’t because Brees was performing terribly, but had torn his rotator cuff late into the year, and some were concerned that he wouldn’t be the same.

The Chargers would offer Brees a contract to stick around, though much of the money that they had offered had been tied to incentives, with very little guaranteed money. Brees knew that he could still get a better deal elsewhere despite his injury, and other teams had made him contract offers. The Miami Dolphins figured to be the frontrunners for Brees’s services, but the New Orleans Saints came in with a large deal to make him one of the higher paid quarterbacks in the league.

The contract with New Orleans would be worth $60 million over six years, and it helped to revitalize the franchise following the events of Hurricane Katrina. Brees finished with a 10-6 record during his first season with the Saints, and then had a pair of average seasons in terms of his record. In his fourth season, though, Brees would lead the Saints to the Super Bowl, bringing the city its first title after defeating the Indianapolis Colts.

When his contract with New Orleans came to an end, Brees was once again given the franchise tag. This time around, Brees would be paid $16.37 million by the Saints as they worked out a new contract. A few months after being given the franchise tag, the Saints and Brees agreed to a deal worth $100 million over five seasons. Brees then signed an extension in 2016 for one year worth $24.25 million. In 2018, Brees confirmed he was staying with the team for two more seasons, earning $50 million total in the process.

In most occasions, athletes only make the news when it comes to their money when signing a new contract or endorsement. However, Brees would find himself in the headlines in 2018 when he revealed that he had lost millions of dollars, and was even referred to as being “cash poor.” Brees said that he had been overcharged for jewelry over the course of several years, and that it cost him $9 million.

Brees said that he and his wife had put many of their funds in diamonds, and that their associate “would use his connections and expertise to acquire them on our behalf at or below market value.” Brees added that “In the end it was all a scam. After thinking long and hard, (my wife) and I decided to take this lawsuit on in part because we fear we are not the only ones (the associate) has misled and defrauded.”

Fortunately for Brees, losing out on $9 million wouldn’t end up hurting him too much thanks to all of his dealings. Brees has not only made money from football, but has had several business dealings that start off with a book that he wrote in 2010 called “Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity” that became a best-seller.

That same year, Brees would sign a large contract with AdvoCare, becoming the spokesman of the company. Though there are some that have called the company a pyramid scheme, it’s been a profitable venture for Brees. On top of that, Brees has also gotten into the restaurant business, opening up several Jimmy John’s franchises. Then, in 2015, Brees bought a large stake in the Walk-On’s sports bar business, and was featured prominently in the company’s commercials.

Though some were concerned that Brees might look for another team, it appears that he’ll be playing out his career in New Orleans. Now 39 years old and signed with the team until he turns 41 years old, Brees seems set to have his final two seasons upcoming. He’s already done enough to warrant being named to not only the Saints Hall of Fame, but also the one for all of professional football.