Egged His Neighbor’s House

Egged-His-Neighbors-HouseI’m quite familiar with the concept of egging because it’s a prank that’s totally wasteful. Why use eggs for seeking revenge when you can make cookies instead, right?

However, if you’re Justin Bieber—you won’t stop with the egging until you’ve been charged with vandalism and accumulated $80,900 worth of damages to your neighbor’s house. Add to that some required anger management lessons and community service.

So why did he egg his neighbor’s house? Well, apparently, he had a spat with this neighbor and couldn’t sleep until he got his revenge. Very mature move on your part, Mr. Famous.

Try egging my house, mister, and I will make damn sure that I’ll send out my kitty army to maul you in your sleep. Once the yolk dries on your outside walls, you’re totally screwed. There’s no easy way of getting it out and you have to spend time and money on getting your walls repainted.