End of the Road + Extreme Ziplining

It's Friday, time for an update? OK...

My 100 day overseas adventures in Australia and New Zealand have come to an end. I am officially on US soil and breathing the fumes of 400 million cars in LA.

I lived Thursday, Dec 10, twice. It was ... interesting. :)

I spent the New Zealand part of Dec 10 (left NZ at 7:30pm) having fun on a zipline at Western Park in Auckland:

Yes, I know it's not "extreme." Hence calling it Extreme Ziplining. ;)

I spent the United States part of Dec 10 (landed in LA at 10:15am) driving around a bit, hanging in Santa Monica, then driving 90 minutes (i.e. 10 miles) to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

If you watch the closing you can see me making stupid faces into the camera. :) (I haven't seen the episode, but I was behind Jimmy as he was talking. Yes, I was one of THOSE guys.)


My cell # here in LA is (310) 465-6340. If you want to hang out in the rain give me a call/text. :) Saturday I'll be out with some Tweeple. (ha, can't believe I just used that)  Sunday, if the weather perks up, I'm planning on going hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains. Monday night (~7:45pm) I'll be at Real Food Daily Santa Monica with some CouchSurfers.


This Tuesday's article in the queue is about why I quit traveling. I don't know what kind of reaction it'll get, but it might be interesting. :)