Fear Of Extraordinary Experiences Will Never Cease

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Before selling all my crap and leaving for Australia in 2009 I was scared. I distinctly remember waking up on 1 Sept, 2009 after a less-than-stellar night of sleep and thinking to myself "Holy crap, it's happening, what am I doing? Here we go ..." Even though Australia is English speaking and it's not a place where I would experience culture shock, the newness (to me) of what was happening was a scary feeling.

Before flying to India in 2010 I was scared. I'd never been to a Third World country before and I'd heard many stories, both good and bad. "Prepare to experience the dirtiest place you've ever seen." "India is amazing, you're going to love it." "Watch out for little kids getting too close for comfort and reaching into your bags." Some of the things I heard were utterly ridiculous and nothing prepared me for the actual experience.

Before going back to my birthplace (Wroclaw, Poland) I was scared. Was I going to hate it? Would I actually improve my Polish language skills enough to stop feeling embarrassed conversing in the language?

Before jumping into a canyon head first in New Zealand I was scared. "You're going to hold me upside down 160m above the ground and then drop me 60m in a few seconds? Hmmm ..."

Before starting my first business project I was scared. "What if I fail? What if everybody makes fun of me? What if I don't make it?"

Before beginning new business projects I still get scared. "What if this doesn't go over well? What if I waste my time and the results are subpar?"

Before starting this blog I was scared. "Is anybody going to read besides me and a friend or two?"

You're going to be afraid when you're aspiring to extraordinary experiences. Fear is natural. There is no such thing as "no fear."

There is such a thing as "I wish I would have done X and not let fear get the best of me." That's known as regret.

It's not easy to live a life of no regrets, but if you don't aspire to that are you even truly living?

This post was inspired by the "What do you regret?" question I received for Extraordinary Insights Volume 1.