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Felicity Jones
Name: Felicity Jones
Birthdate: October 17, 1983
Famous Years: 2006-Present
Currently Known For: Actress and Producer
Networth: $6 MillionFamous For: Rogue 1: Star Wars, The Theory of Everything, The Invisible Woman
Felicity Jones
Name Felicity Jones
Birthdate October 17, 1983
Famous Years 2006-Present
Currently Known For Actress and Producer
Networth $6 Million
Famous For Rogue 1: Star Wars, The Theory of Everything, The Invisible Woman

Despite being just 33 years old, Felicity Jones – known for her big blue eyes and gorgeous smile – has captivated worldwide audiences for more than two decades. For those not keeping up with the math – the superstar was just 12 years old when she made her big screen debut. Jones’ first appearance was in a relatively unknown (and unsuccessful) family film - The Treasure Seekers.

Though the film didn’t win any awards and was quickly forgotten, Jones was not. Her performance attracted the attention of several directors, which set off a long spiral of auditions and movie roles. Since then, Jones appeared in nearly 40 movies and has been nominated for just as many awards. In her arsenal of professional accolades you’ll find a Hollywood Film Award, a Gotham Award, Women Film Critics Circle Award, and many others.

As impressive as her resume might be, Jones is only getting started. Over the last couple of years, her acting career has been gaining momentum at an incredible pace. Since 2013 she’s starred in popular box office hits like The Invisible Woman, The Amazing Spider Man 2, Inferno, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and a number of others. This incredible line up of films stands testament to both – Jones’ versatility as an actress, as well as her growing popularity.

Despite being one of the hottest celebs in the United States, Jones was born and raised in the UK. She was brought up in Birmingham, England, and remained there for most of her formative years. As mentioned above, Felicity has been acting since she was just a child, but the superstar-to-be never imagined making it to the Hollywood roster. Which is why she always had a back-up plan – academia.

The actress put her big-screen ambitions on hold in order to attend Wadham College in Oxford, where she studied English. While away, Jones continued to master her craft by joining the school’s drama club and regularly auditioning for student plays. By the time she graduated, Jones had a few title roles under her belt and a reignited passion for the big screen.

Unlike many celebs before her, Jones didn’t have a hard time making her way back to acting. She was invited to countless auditions and began landing quality roles in no time. Aside from quickly building a massive following, Jones’ mainstream success has led to some serious earnings. At the start of 2017, the 33-year-old is worth a cool $6 million – about a quarter of which can be accounted for via 2016 income alone.

Needless to say, the young actress is doing quite well for herself. Though her net worth pales in comparison to some of her more seasoned colleagues, Jones is well on her way to an 8-figure chequing account. Despite her rapidly growing wealth, Felicity is extremely modest when it comes to spending her hard earned paychecks. Never been one for extravagant purchases, Jones continues to live life the way she always has - modestly, and on a budget.

Up until last year, the English actress would live in hotels whenever she had to film in the United States. As her popularity continued to grow and Hollywood’s demand for Jones increased, the actress finally decided to set up a more permanent lodging across the pond. She recently purchased a (very) modest Stateside home and decorated it on a tight budget.

Despite having more than enough cash to outfit the new home with designer decor, Jones opted for a much more cost effective solution… Ikea. To quote:

“My priority right now is to buy cushions for my new place and make it as cozy as possible. I just bought a big rug from Ikea that I’m very fond of. Thank God for Ikea!”

Ikea is a great metaphor for much of Jones’ spending in general. Aside from an occasional vacation here and there, and a few designer dresses, the superstar is quite frugal. That being said, she’s incredibly generous and does more than her fair share at supporting the less fortunate.

To date, Jones donated tens of thousands of dollars to various charitable causes around the world. Aside from personally funding the wellbeing of those in need, the actress is no stranger to leveraging her popularity to raise much needed capital for organizations that she believes in.

For example, Jones (along with 9 other popular influencers across all platforms) partnered with Disney and Target in order to support the UNICEF Kid Power charity. The group created a line of Target-exclusive t-shirts that will help raise money for kids in need.