Fits and Starts (or How I Lost 5,000 Words Of Content And Busted Ass To Rewrite It!)

Today is a big day.

Not only because I'm launching the Freedom Fighters eCourse (more below), but because it's Holi! The Festival of Colors! I'm probably outside right now getting covered in colored powder and water which I hope doesn't come out for days. :)

As you may know, before I launched I spent 30 days writing at least 1,000 words/day for it. This gave me a base of articles to launch with and gave me some leeway in case I was too busy and didn't have another article ready on my scheduled post days.

You've seen maybe half of that content so far. Some of it wasn't very good and some of it I just haven't released for whatever other reason.

Part of the content you never saw is the 7 Day eCourse I created called "How To Be Extraordinary."

I knew one of the best ways to connect with friends and fans was through e-mail, but I never launched the course.

I kept telling myself: "Ehh, I'll wait until I have more readers."

Do you ever do that? Put things off that you know will benefit you and others?

A few weeks ago I decided I was finally going to release the course.


But I couldn't find it.

5,000 words don't just disappear!

Or do they?

Interestingly, losing the course didn't even affect me. I was probably going to rewrite it anyway.

When I wrote the original eCourse I hadn't yet found my voice. I'm still not fully there, but I've got a much better idea of where I'm going with my writing style now.

What all that means is I had to get to work writing a new course from scratch. Being that I've been drinking far too much coconut juice I also thought it would be a good idea to write an eBook at the same time as writing the free course!

The eBook, How To Live Anywhere, comes out Friday March 05, 2010 at Midnight EST (use, also considered Thursday night to some folks. It's currently at 10,000 words, but you'll learn Friday about a secret I have about turning that into at least 30,000 words. I already feel like, even if I didn't write another word, you'll really love it. (Don't forget, if you're first to buy it's only 10 cents and goes up 10 cents after every sale.)

As far as the free Freedom Fighters ecourse. Well. That?

That comes out right now...

(I hate spam and you will never get any from me. That's a promise.)

Who Freedom Fighters Is For:

- You, if you want to achieve Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom.

- You, if you want to connect with what I do beyond the scope of this site.

- You, if you want more in depth insight into the Freedom aspect of what I write about.

Who Freedom Fighters Isn't For:

- People who don't take action.

- Readers of this site who like my writing, but don't necessarily want Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom. I know there are a few of you. That's cool. No worries. I'm still keeping up the regular blog posting and I love and appreciate that you're here. :)

- Anybody who already has a freedom business. I might be able to teach you some things if you're already free, but this ecourse is designed for somebody who is just getting started.

Get Your Free Freedom Fighters Subscription Here:

(I hate spam and you will never get any from me. That's a promise.)