Friday Update: Thank You Edition #1 + RE Black Book #001
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Friday Update: Thank You Edition #1 + RE Black Book #001
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal


So this is different for me (if you don't count Accountability Statement #1). An article about what's going on and what's happening and other things that don't fit into my regular articles. If you don't care about all that stuff no worries. I won't force you to read it this time. But next time? Who knows? ;)

I had lunch with Baker ( yesterday and we did a lot of talking. One of the many things we talked about was keeping you updated about the stuff that doesn't fit into regular posts. I'd planned on doing that before, but the convo with Baker gave me the kick in the ass I needed to actually do it.

Speaking of Baker, if you don't already know about him and his Ridiculously Extraordinary Life, go check out his site:

Wow, Lots of New Readers!

In the past 2 weeks this blog's readership (RSS readership specifically) has jumped 14-fold. If you're new here: Hi, and thanks! It means a lot that you care about what I have to say.

I've received some really positive e-mails and comments and it feels outstanding that you've connected with what I'm doing here.

Can I also take this time to thank you if you've been a reader prior to the past 2 weeks? Yes, yes I can. It's awesome that you found me (somehow!) and e-mailed me and commented and all that other good stuff. Thank you!

So what happened in that past 2 weeks? Well, guest posts.

First, I had a guest post on, which is a blog run by an old friend Mike Sigers. It's called The Ridiculously Extraordinary Way To New Customers. Check it if you're an offline small business owner.

A few days later I had...

The Biggest Guest Post Ever

It's not often a small blog like mine can get a guest post on a site with 140,000+ RSS subscribers and millions of visitors. But it happened. And it hit. Hard.

My guest post on Leo Babauta's catapulted this here blog into a new stratosphere. If you haven't read it already, check out The Beginner's Guide To Minimalist Travel.

The exact number of visitors, subscribers, and revenue (yes, revenue, even though this blog has no advertising and writing guest posts is not a paid gig) from that single post will be revealed in a 2,000+ word Case Study.

I can't tell you when that will be released because I don't know. I do know it probably won't be until at least December. You'll understand why when the time comes. Man, that is so cryptic. :)

Quite a few more guest posts on some really awesome blogs coming in the near future. I don't know exact dates but I will Tweet (@KarolGajda) about them when they're out.

Ridiculously Extraordinary Black Book #001

My first free eBook is coming soon!

Ridiculously Extraordinary Black Books are Special Ops Guides on unique topics. Classified information for Ridiculously Extraordinary People. ;)

The first is called...

"How To Travel Anywhere In The World, Live With Locals, and Have Outstanding Experiences...All For Free!"

Also known as The Unofficial Guide To CouchSurfing.

I'll release it next Thursday (November 19, 2009) assuming everything goes right.

I'm really excited. CouchSurfing changed my life. Really. Joining CouchSurfing spearheaded my Drastic Life Change I hinted at in Needs vs Wants.

Comments Moderation

I will be slow to approving or responding to comments for the next few weeks. Why? I'm on a hop-on hop-off bus tour around New Zealand right now. It's not my style of travel, but I've got to do it before I can really comment on whether I like it or not. 15 or so cities in the next 3 weeks! It's a bit much but should be fun none-the-less.

Thanks again for reading. You are amazing!