This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of being a guest on Hilah Johnson's cooking show. You can check out our episode here: How To Make Vegan Chili. It is, by far, the most fun cooking show online.

I've been in contact with Christopher Sharpe (Director / Co-creator) since last year and it has been fun seeing grow since the time he and Hilah launched it earlier this year.

In the middle of making vegan chili I interviewed Hilah and Christopher about what it takes to create a successful Web series.

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If you can't watch right now, here are some tidbits that will make you want to watch as soon as you can. ;)

[00:40] Why they created Hilah Cooking.

[00:41] Before they answer, we try to catch a fly. :)

[01:37] Using the "crap that they had" to make a show on the cheap.

[01:57] Taking action first, figuring it out later.

[02:25] More important than anything was building an audience.

[02:52] How they began connecting with an audience.

[03:10] Hilah Johnson, social media superstar. Pay attention to what she does!

[03:28] Where they found their audience. Facebook / YouTube / now Twitter.

[04:20] The Twitter audience is different.

[04:31] Is Hilah a professional cook?

[04:54] This is what pisses Hilah off about cooking shows. [note from Karol: and *this* is why people are attracted to her show!]

[05:31] Being yourself to your audience.

[05:44] Cursing on camera and how Christopher attempted to censor it for a minute before realizing it won't work.

[06:35] Do you need to censor yourself to get a mobile syndication deal? The answer will surprise you.

[07:24] The right people you attract are who?

[07:40] What would they say to someone who's trying to start a Web series?

[07:59] How video games and leveling up relate to starting a Web series.

[08:13] The importance of sticking to a schedule.

[08:27] We're interrupted by the chili timer. :)

[08:44] The importance of consistency, producing a lot of content, and tenacity.

[08:55] What to do when you start something and don't get an immediate response?

[09:11] Carving out your place in a massive niche like cooking.

[09:33] Spicing up and tasting the chili.

[10:01] Tangent: Discussing vegan beer.

[10:25] Discussing Christopher's article How To Build An Audience For Your Web Series.

[10:40] Learning from their mistakes.

[10:48] Hilah introduces us to 2 new words you need to take advantage of to connect with your audience.

[11:11] People are attracted to your personality as well as your content.

[11:20] What Hilah and Christopher have planned for the future of

[11:56] The importance of surveying your audience. Free article --> How To Use A Free Survey To Get Infoproduct and Article Ideas

[13:08] Wrapping it up with one idea each from Hilah and Christopher for someone who wants to start a Web series.

Links Mentioned In This Episode



- How To Build An Audience For Your Web Series

- How To Use A Free Survey To Get Infoproduct and Article Ideas

Wrap Up

Thanks to Hilah and Christopher for doing this interview and for having me on their show. We made my top secret vegan chili recipe (no longer top secret!) so you have no reason not to watch! Check it out here: How To Make Vegan Chili

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