Why You Suck At Change

When people think about change, many times they're gripped with fear because they future-think. Do you future-think? It goes like this ...

- "If I quit eating tortured, raped, and brutally slaughtered animals today (the food you'll eat for lunch), what will happen in 3 years when I'm hiking through the forest?"

- "If I quit smoking today, what will happen if I start again next week?"

- "If I stop drinking soda, what will I drink with dinner?"

- "If I quit my job and travel the world, what happens if I get tired of traveling?"

- "If I go on a date with this girl (or guy) what if it's boring?"

- "If I stop hanging out with my toxic friend, who will I hang out with?"

- "If I start a blog today, what if it's not popular in a year?"

- "If I say "yes" more instead of "no" what will happen with my free time?"

- "If I begin a workout program, what if I don't lose enough weight?"

Or whatever.

All of this "if-ery" only results in one action: no action.

How To Embrace Change

How about this? Do what you need to do, today.

Tomorrow is another day. And you haven't lived it yet. So don't think about it yet.

"But it's not that easy."

Yes, it is.

Can you stop eating meat for this minute? Yes. Cool. How about just for one meal? Yes? Cool. How about just for one day? Yes? Fantastic! Now whenever it's time to eat ask yourself that again.

Can you stop smoking this minute? Yes? Cool. Can you get through the rest of the day? I think you can. What can you do in place of smoking the next time you have a craving?

If you don't think you can make change happen I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit. We're amazing creatures and we can accomplish great things, but sometimes we talk ourselves out of doing epic shit.

Stop talking ...