I always see a huge drop in RSS subscribers after I post a Friday update. But I'm cool with that. I don't mind weeding out people who don't really care about all that RidiculouslyExtraordinary.com encompasses.

If you stick around after the Friday update today or in the future, thank you. Seriously. Thank you.


On Monday I guest posted over at WriteToDone.com with:

How To Find Time To Write While Traveling

If you've ever tried to work on the road this article should help you. And if you have your own tips please share them!


As promised in the Why We Do What We Do article, video of me bombing on Jump by Kris Kross:

Unfortunately I don't have the whole song because my camera person was...well, she was drunk. But as you can tell from that 2 minute clip I didn't fare too well.

The problem was there were no monitors so you couldn't hear the music and yourself. If you've ever been on stage (either performing music OR karaoke) you know how important that is.

Enough excuses out of me. ;)


While in LA I was a guest on the ALL CAPS PODCAST with my friends Tanner and Chris.

Check out Episode 31 of ALL CAPS by clicking here.

Just a warning: we swear a lot and reach varying states of vulgarity throughout. So Mom and Dad? Don't listen. :) (I taught my Dad how to subscribe to RSS via e-mail!)

And because most people don't know where the name ALL CAPS came from let me explain. Myself and a group of friends from high school type in ALL CAPS to each other. Sometimes we type in ALL CAPS to people who have no idea what's going on. Hilarity ensues?

So if I'm ever talking to you on AIM and start typing in ALL CAPS, don't worry, I'm not yelling. I probably just forgot to turn the CAPS lock off. :)


I'm changing up the posting schedule a bit next week. You'll see why on Monday. ;)