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Indio Downey
Name: Indio Downey
Birthdate: September 7, 1993
Famous Years: 2005-Present
Currently Known For: Actor and Composer
Networth: $1 MillionFamous For: Son of Robert Downey Jr. and Deborah Falconer
Indio Downey
Name Indio Downey
Birthdate September 7, 1993
Famous Years 2005-Present
Currently Known For Actor and Composer
Networth $1 Million
Famous For Son of Robert Downey Jr. and Deborah Falconer

One of the more intriguing Hollywood careers that we’ve seen in the past 30 years or so has to belong to Robert Downey, Jr. The actor would become a big star in his early 20s to the point where he became an Oscar nominated actor. Having many struggles with substance abuse and addiction, Downey would turn his struggles around over the last decade. Since then, he’s been one of the highest paid stars in film, including hits such as “Tropic Thunder” and “Sherlock Holmes”. Of course, he also plays Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with his role in “Iron Man”.

Back during the height of his troubles, Downey had started a relationship with actress and singer Deborah Falconer in early 1992. After less than two months of being together, the couple would get married in May of that year. On September 7, 1993, they had their only child together, naming him Indio. The couple would split when Indio was just eight years old, and officially divorced in April 2004.

When the pair broke up, Indio would live with Falconer, and unfortunately it seemed like Indio was following in his father’s footsteps, but not in the way that Robert would have hoped. While growing up, Indio would develop a love for music, and wanted to focus on that more than acting. He was even involved in his father’s first album in 2004 called “The Futurist”, designing the label for the track listing.

Downey’s similarities to his father would also include getting involved with substance abuse at a young age, which seemed to get worse as the years passed. Before even turning 21 years old, Indio had been arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in the summer of 2014. At the time, Downey was riding in a car with a different driver, and appeared to be smoking out of a pipe, according to officers. He was arrested and booked with charges of possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

The younger Downey’s bond was set at $10,000, and was released after a few hours in the county jail. Robert Downey, Jr. commented on the situation, saying that “Unfortunately there’s a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it. Also, there is a lot of family support and understanding, and we’re all determined to rally behind him and help him become the man he’s capable of being. We’re grateful to the Sheriff’s Department for their intervention, and believe Indio can be another recovery success story instead of a cautionary tale.”

Having grown up with famous parents, Indio knew that there would be attention to his arrest, though he didn’t comment personally. At the time, Downey hadn’t gone into acting (outside of a brief appearance in the 2005 film “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, and was the singer for a Los Angeles band called The Seems (which has a social media presence that hasn’t been updated in nearly five years, indicating a halt in production).

Indio and his father are still close, and Robert has said that he’s worked with his son to help get him through his addiction problems. Robert knows what it’s like to have a father that wasn’t supportive while growing up, saying that Robert Downey, Sr. gave him illegal substances while he was young. “It was like him trying to express his love for me in the only way he knew how,” Downey, Jr. said.

Two years after his arrest, Indio would go back into the music scene, posting a music video on his father’s Facebook page. “Congrats are in order for my firstborn, and I’m proud to oblige,” Downey, Jr. said on the post. “Having braved the crucible of addiction (and pleased the court), his ongoing commitment to recovery continues to inspire and amaze.”

The 2016 post of his son’s music video is really the only promotion that Downey, Jr. has done for Indio’s music. It seemed that it was more of a congratulations of sorts for recovering from addiction and getting back into music. In fact, Downey, Jr. has said that “I’ve also made it my business to be of as little help as possible (for Indio’s music career), as nepotism usually does more harm than good.”

Indio’s new band is now called The Dose, and released their first album called “Cold Hands” on iTunes in March 2016. So far, they’ve released several more tracks and a handful of other compilations, showing that Indio has given his full attention to music. It’s helped in his recovery, as Indio’s ability to stay away from drugs led him through a two-year diversion program that got his original case dropped. “I would like to say I am truly grateful for the experience I had over the last 20 months in recovery,” he said upon the case’s conclusion. “I’m so blessed to have my life back. I hope to be an inspiration to work with others in the future.”

On top of his music, Indio is also developing a stage production. He’s listed as the composer for what’s known as “Play of Consciousness”, and is also listed as an actor. The 24 year old appears to be on the right path, and as long as he has the support of his family, should have a much smoother 20s than his father did all those years ago.