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Ivanka Trump
Name: Ivanka Trump
Birthdate: October 30, 1981
Famous Years: 1981-Present
Currently Known For: Businesswoman, fashion designer, author and reality TV personality
Networth: $300 MillionFamous For: Daughter of Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump
Name Ivanka Trump
Birthdate October 30, 1981
Famous Years 1981-Present
Currently Known For Businesswoman, fashion designer, author and reality TV personality
Networth $300 Million
Famous For Daughter of Donald Trump

"Everything about mediocrity kills me." A public figure since she was a child, Ivanka Trump is the famous daughter of United States President Donald Trump. Born on October 30, 1981, Ivanka Trump would eventually become a member of the Trump administration in March of 2017 when she was named as a Senior Advisor for her father, working alongside her husband Jared Kushner.

Before becoming a member of the First Family, Trump grew up with her father Donald and her mother Ivana, Donald’s first wife. Donald had high hopes for Ivanka at a very young age, enrolling her in boarding school that included the Chapin School and Choate Rosemary Hall. Ivanka herself wasn’t a big fan of that type of childhood as many of her other friends that came from wealthy families didn’t have to focus on academics in the same capacity.

Once she graduated from high school, Ivanka would head to Washington, D.C. to attend Georgetown University. She would spend two years there, and then transferred to the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. In 2004, Ivanka earned her bachelor’s in economics with cum laude honors.

Trump had been modeling as a school, appearing in several different ads and in fashion shows, then joined her father’s company after graduating from college. Part of this included being on television with her father on “The Apprentice” and at the Miss Teen USA Pageant that her father was an owner of. She’s also dabbled in writing, coming out with two books, which were released in 2009 and 2017.

There were some that doubted the validity of Ivanka being named cum laude when she graduated college, thinking that it might have been her connections that got her higher grades. However, there are some other anecdotes from classmates that said she was highly intelligent, studied harder than just about anybody else and didn’t go to the big college parties like anyone else.

Ivanka had been in the spotlight for much of her life and was preparing for a career, so she knew that school was very important. Incredibly well spoken, Trump displays a lot of charisma that has helped her to become popular and a commanding voice within the White House. She would return to New York City most weekends while in college for more business experience, which has come in handy for her career. She’s currently running a clothing and jewelry company that has found success and she still plays a large role in her father’s company.

Experts have estimated that Ivanka has an IQ of around 125, which would place her into the gifted category. A score of around 90 would be average, so Trump is well above that level and has a similar IQ to what you would expect a graduate student to have. While it’s not quite to the level of someone that’s in an intellectual society like Mensa or Triple 9, it’s still highly intelligent and something you’d expect from a savvy businesswoman to have.

Not everyone has agreed that Ivanka is intelligent, however. If you ask former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon, he says that Ivanka is “dumb as a brick,” adding that “The daughter will bring down the father.” The two always seemed to be at odds with each other during the time that they were both in the White House, and the family has denounced Bannon since then.

When it comes to her own success, Trump has learned to ignore her biggest critics. She’s said that “No matter how different a career path we choose from our parents, people will always say we wouldn’t have gotten there if it hadn’t been for our name. And in the end, there’s no way to tell if that’s true or not. Maybe it’s not the worst thing for people not to see you coming. If people want to underestimate, I’m fine with that.”

Ivanka also offers up advice, which she’s done as well in both of her books. One of her key pieces of advice is that “It’s not about the school you went to, what you majored in, what your GPA was, or who your parents happen to be or know. Most of that stuff is right on your resume, and it might have gotten you into the room, but it won’t get you much farther.”

Ivanka continues to be one of Donald Trump’s most trusted voices while he’s in the White House, and has been spotted in public seemingly more than Trump’s own wife Melania. She has worked as diplomat for foreign nations, meeting with the leaders of several countries that include South Korea. Some have said that she’s almost acting as the Secretary of State, which has brought some criticism, but it seems that Ivanka’s intelligence is well trusted by her father.

Not everyone’s going to be a big fan of Ivanka, whether it be for how she came to White House or because of who her father is, but she’s definitely been a success. If it weren’t for her hard work and smarts, not much of it would have been possible.