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Jane Seymour
Name: Jane Seymour
Birthdate: February 15, 1951
Famous Years: 1973-Present
Currently Known For: Let's Get Physical
Networth: $90 MillionFamous For: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Live and Let Die, Wedding Crashers
Jane Seymour
Name Jane Seymour
Birthdate February 15, 1951
Famous Years 1973-Present
Currently Known For Let's Get Physical
Networth $90 Million
Famous For Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Live and Let Die, Wedding Crashers

Some actors and actresses will start to take it easy in their 60s and reduce their workload a bit. That hasn’t been the case for Jane Seymour, though, who seems that she’s just as busy these days as she was back in the 1970s, when she made a big splash as one of the Bond Girls in the hit film “Live and Let Die”.

Seymour was born as Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg on February 15, 1951 in London, England to parents that had worked in the medicinal field (which would come in handy much later). Seymour would start to perform while she was a teenager, and didn’t have to wait long until she started finding herself in movies, making her film debut at 18 years old in “Oh! What a Lovely War”. It was a minor role that she didn’t receive credit for, but the next year she found herself in “The Only Way”.

The big break for Seymour would come in 1973 as she not only starred on the television series “The Onedin Line”, but also became part of the James Bond franchise when she starred as Solitaire in the film “Live and Let Die”. All of a sudden, Seymour was a household name and found herself starring in many films both on the big screen and on TV, with several TV series thrown in for good measure.

The rest of the 1970s saw Seymour receive recognition for her work in “Captains and the Kings” that earned her an Emmy Nomination, and she had movies such as “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”. The next decade would see Seymour appear in several more films including “Head Office” and “Lassiter”, though she would be more of a staple on television.

Then in the 1990s, after a slew of TV movies, Seymour would be cast in the lead role as Dr. Michaela Quinn in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”. It would be the only time that Seymour had a role on television that lasted for more than a dozen episodes, marking a memorable time in her career.

“Dr. Quinn” was a risk all on its own, and Seymour knew that going in. “Everyone told me that a woman as a lead in a show would never work, that period shows wouldn’t work and that medical shows wouldn’t work,” she said. “All of a sudden, that kind of broke the mold.” The series would go on for nearly 150 episodes spanning from 1993 to 1998, earning Seymour a Golden Globe Award and several more award nominations in the process as it became a ratings hit.

Once “Dr. Quinn” came to an end, Seymour would go back to making several TV films and making guest appearances, and her big screen appearances were pretty rare. She’d show up in “The Swiss Family Robinson” and “Touching Wild Horses”, neither of which were major hits.

Heading into the 2000s, Seymour wasn’t really known for her comedy chops. Having been in many movies that had a serious tone, she was able to switch things up a bit in 2005 when she starred alongside Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the hit comedy “Wedding Crashers”. The film would become one of the most successful comedies of all-time, grossing a $240 million profit despite having an R-rating.

“‘Wedding Crashers’ was a game-changer for me in my career,” Seymour said. “After that, everyone looked at me completely differently. It was almost as if I had a brand new career or as if I was a brand new actress. It was wonderful because it introduced me to a whole new generation that had never seen me in anything besides a James Bond film.”

As a result of her role in “Wedding Crashers”, Seymour started to see a lot more comedy roles for the rest of the 2000s, especially on television where she made guest appearances on sitcoms such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “In Case of Emergency”. Not many new doors open as you approach your 60s, but that’s been the case for Seymour.

Throughout her career, Seymour has been married a total of four times, including to actors Michael Attenborough and James Keach. Along the way, Seymour has had four children and now has several grandchildren. That alone would have many walking away to focus on the family, but Seymour continues to work.

At 67 years old, Seymour is not only continuing her acting career, but she’s been incredibly busy in recent years. In the past couple of years alone, Seymour has appeared in several films that include “The Female Brain” and “Fifty Shades of Black”, and has three more films that are set to release with “The War with Grandpa”, “Mistrust” and “Friendsgiving”. She also currently stars on the sitcom “Let’s Get Physical”, showing that Seymour is far from finished as a full-time actress.

“I’m sure there are some great roles out there,” she says regarding her future career. “I would probably have to fight a million other actresses for them. I’m more comfortable as an actress now than I’ve ever been...I feel like I have a lot more to offer now as an actress than I did when I was younger.”