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Jenna Jameson
Name: Jenna Jameson
Birthdate: April 9, 1974
Famous Years: 1993-Present
Currently Known For: Adult Actress, Model
Networth: $15 MillionFamous For: Adult Film Actress
Jenna Jameson
Name Jenna Jameson
Birthdate April 9, 1974
Famous Years 1993-Present
Currently Known For Adult Actress, Model
Networth $15 Million
Famous For Adult Film Actress

Not every millionaire has the same career path, and some are more interesting than others. That’s especially true for Jenna Jameson. Born Jenna Massoli, Jameson spent her early childhood in Las Vegas, where he father was a police officer and her mother was a showgirl at one of the many famous casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. After her mother passed away, Jameson and her family bounced around the United States before returning to Las Vegas, where she went into show business.

Jameson started to dance at some of the clubs around town even though she wasn’t 18 years old yet, and was making thousands of dollars while still in high school. Jameson then tried to get into glamour modeling. When that wasn’t taking off, Jameson turned her attention to adult films. 1993 marked the first time when Jameson appeared in an adult film, and she would make just around $24,000 for several films.

When the films started to gain popularity (and even win her adult film awards), Jameson started to get more mainstream attention, especially when appearing in the Howard Stern film “Private Parts”. Jameson became a hot name that was appearing at strip clubs around the world, making upwards of $25,000 for one night, and even more for making an adult film. She would even land a spot as a host on Playboy TV.

While the moneymaking machine of her appearances and DVDs were taking off, Jameson was also launching her own enterprises in the adult film industry. Jameson and her then boyfriend set up a website in 2000 that covered a wide range of topics for paid members, and the website’s first film made seen figures and won many awards. Jameson was making so much money, that she considered buying adult magazine Penthouse before someone else purchased all of the stock.

Even if you have no interest in the adult film industry, you probably know the name Jenna Jameson, which sets her apart in both terms of popularity and salary for those in the industry. She’s essentially the female version of Ron Jeremy in the adult film world. You might have seen her on television shows such as “Wild On!”, music videos like “Without Me” by Eminem and even popular video games like “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”.

Jameson has had a large online presence as her website operates many different smaller sites, and she has even written an autobiography that became a bestseller. Now in her 40’s, Jameson is still one of the most popular names in adult films, and was recently overseas on reality television for the 16th season of “Celebrity Big Brother”. At the height of her career, Jameson was earning up to $15 million per year.

For a while, it seemed that times had been a big tough for Jameson. In 2013, Jameson had to sell of her home in Los Angeles because of a foreclosure that arose when she stopped making payments. The home was listed for around $2 million, so questions naturally popped up about her net worth. It was learned that Jameson was not actually living in the house, but was renting it out because she was living with then-boyfriend and UFC star Tito Ortiz.

That was back in 2008 when she moved in with Ortiz, the same year that Jameson said she would not actually star in any films again. The tune changed in 2013 after the foreclosure, saying that she was returning to acting in adult films to earn money. Jameson said that “My motivation is taking care of my family and having fun and meeting all my fans.” Though it didn’t appear that she squandered all of her money, times weren’t as good as when she was once worth $30 million.

It’s still estimated that Jameson is worth between $10 million and $20 million, so there’s no need to panic. Jameson is more focused now on raising her three children, and has recently converted to Judaism with husband Lior Bitton. With the recent birth of her child and newfound religion, James has appeared to distance herself away from the adult film industry (which might be for the best).

For those wondering, you probably won’t be seeing her in front of the camera again. However, you can’t rule out another role behind the scenes, as Jameson has already dipped her toes into directing. As for directing mainstream films, the millionaire will likely leave that work to the Steven Spielbergs and James Camerons of the world.