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Katy Perry
Name: Katy Perry
Birthdate: January 1, 1970
Famous Years: 2007-Present
Currently Known For: American Idol
Networth: $295 MillionFamous For: I Kissed a Girl, Firework, California Gurls
Katy Perry
Name Katy Perry
Birthdate January 1, 1970
Famous Years 2007-Present
Currently Known For American Idol
Networth $295 Million
Famous For I Kissed a Girl, Firework, California Gurls

A decade ago, a pop singer came around that many thought would be a one-hit wonder, but instead, Katy Perry has ended up being one of the biggest names in pop music history. Born as Katheryn Hudson on October 25, 1984, Perry had grown up in a very religious household with her parents and two siblings, and moved around frequently throughout her childhood, hardly ever staying in one spot for more than a few months.

Perry became motivated to get into music as a teenager, though she had been involved exclusively in gospel music at first. It was when she listed to Queen for the first time that she knew she wanted to branch out. “That was my first perspective on that world, and I just loved it,” she said. I felt so free and accepted.” It was then that she adopted the Katy Perry name, dropping the Katheryn Hudson moniker.

“A lot of people are living in fear from something that happened in their childhood, or some form of PTSD they picked up along the way,” she said. “I created this wonderful character called Katy Perry that I very much am, and can step into all the time, but I created that character out of protection. I was scared that if you saw me, Katheryn Hudson, the girl wearing the Biore strip on my nose, you’d be like, ‘that’s not glamorous.’ It was me going, ‘OK, I’ve been upset my whole childhood so I’m going to show the world I am something, that I am going to do something and that I am enough.’”

At just 15 years old, Perry was able to complete the GED so that she didn’t have to stay in high school for three more years, and was then able to focus fully on her music career. It was in Nashville that she got started, but landed in Los Angeles at 17 years old as a songwriter and signed with Java records. We were supposed to get our first taste of Perry’s music in the mainstream in 2004, but the record label was dropped by Island Def Jam, so she wound up signing with Columbia Records.

Not wanting to rush the music, Perry spent two years creating her debut album, and in the meantime had been singing backup vocals for other people such as Mick Jagger or P.O.D.. However, Perry would be dropped by Columbia Records, but didn’t have to wait long until Capitol Records came calling as executives saw big potential. It turned out they were right almost immediately as Perry released the album “One of the Boys” in 2008.

The album was spearheaded by hit songs such as “I Kissed a Girl”, “Hot n Cold” and “Waking Up in Vegas”. Suddenly, Perry was one of the hottest names in music, and was being featured on films and television shows. In one instance, Perry recorded a cameo for the movie “Get Him to the Greek”, in which she met Russell Brand, whom she would eventually marry in late 2009 before their divorce in 2012.

In 2010, Perry would have her first number one album in the United States with the release of “Teenage Dream”, becoming the first female to have five songs reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 from one album. Hits such as “E.T.”, “Last Friday Night” and “California Gurls” cemented Perry as a huge name in music, and her tour to promote the album pulled in nearly $60 million for Perry in profits.

It wasn’t always an easy time for Perry even though things seemed to be going very well. “I was just kind of like a deer in headlights a little bit,” when talking about her sudden superstardom. “I was like, ‘does this happen to people? Like, is this normal?’...It was f***ing intense and amazing and beautiful and horrible all at the same time.”

After taking a couple of years off, Perry would return with her next album in 2013 with “Prism” that reached number one on the charts and also had hits such as “Roar”, “Dark Horse” and “This Is How We Do”. Not only did Perry embark on another tour for the album, but she also performed at the Super Bowl in 2015 during halftime, which has been regarded as one of the most memorable halftime performances to date.

Over the past couple of years, Perry has released another album, releasing “Witness” in 2017 that would become her third number one album. While the singles haven’t been as successful as her previous albums, Perry is still a massive name in music and became a judge for the new version of “American Idol” in 2018 that pays her $25 million per year. The 33 year old has no plans of leaving music anytime soon, and it’s only a matter of time before she’s back on top of the charts with her catchy hit songs. Even if she has her critics at times, Perry has said that “I’m not going to please everyone, and I’m not trying to. If you run around pleasing everyone, you’re done. If you stand for nothing, then you’re done.”