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Kim Kardashian West
Name: Kim Kardashian West
Birthdate: October 21, 1980
Famous Years: 2007-Present
Currently Known For: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Marriage to Kanye West
Networth: $175 MillionFamous For: Adult Tape Leaked in 2007, Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Kim Kardashian West
Name Kim Kardashian West
Birthdate October 21, 1980
Famous Years 2007-Present
Currently Known For Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Marriage to Kanye West
Networth $175 Million
Famous For Adult Tape Leaked in 2007, Keeping Up with the Kardashians

When it comes to reality television stars, you usually see them for a little bit, then they disappear, then you never hear from them again unless they do something tragic. For Kim Kardashian, that certainly hasn’t been the case since she is one of the biggest celebrities in the world right now. Her rise to stardom was something that almost nobody saw coming, and still a lot of people aren’t happy about.

Kim Kardashian grew up with some fame in her family, as her father was part of O.J. Simpson’s defense team in his infamous 1994 murder trial. Kardashian’s stepfather was Bruce Jenner (later known as Caitlyn), a former Olympic champion in the decathlon. Through her connections, Kardashian also had some famous friends that included Paris Hilton and she started to get some media attention through the friendship, and her divorce with Damon Thomas was even talked about when she started dating Ray J.

More people started to talk about Kardashian due to her high profile relationship, especially after an adult video was leaked showing the two, and it led to a reality television series for Kardashian and her family (“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”). The show is still pumping out new episodes every year, and Kim herself is making $40,000 for each episode.

Now, Kardashian’s net worth is estimated to be between $85 and $100 million, and that obviously doesn’t even include the $130 million that her current husband, Kanye West, is worth. Kardashian’s net worth really started to take off after the reality show debuted, as she started to make millions from club and television appearances.

The paparazzi and social media circuit have also padded Kardashian’s net worth. Back in 2011, she sold the photos of her wedding to NBA player Kris Humphries to People magazine for $2.5 million. She also earned $15 million from a special episode of her reality show from the wedding, even though the marriage only lasted for a couple of months.

Afterward, Kardashian started to endorse products, and even opened her own store with her family, a clothing boutique named DASH. In 2012, Kardashian’s perfume line and Kardashian clothing collection had more than a quarter billion in sales. Endorsements poured in in 2013 to the tune of $3.2 million from Quick Trim, Bravada, Bebe, Sephora and much, much more.

Magazines were also paying $250,000 for exclusive interviews, $1 million for hosting parties and thousands more just for showing up in certain places. It’s said that Kardashian makes $10,000 to $20,000 for each tweet that she even sends out as long as they are promoting a product. The Kardashian show also keeps chugging along as the family received a $100 million deal to keep it running for at least four more years, including a huge $5 million bonus for any episode that has Kanye West in it.

Kardashian’s net worth has also taken a boost thanks to video games (yes, you read that right). Kardashian has an app called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, which is said to be pulling in about $600,000 every day, and Kim gets a nice cut out of that. In 2015 alone, Kardashian has made an estimated $53 million from all her revenue sources, which also includes a book called “Selfish”, which is honestly just a photo collection of her selfies over the years.

Sources close to Kardashian say that when it comes to high end items, Kim burns through money like crazy.  Allegedly, she's living paycheck to paycheck despite being rich. Unfortunately for her haters, she still has at least four more years worth of paychecks coming in, and it doesn’t look like her celebrity is dying down anytime soon. Even if it does, Kanye West still has a lot of money to fall back on, and their relationship has lasted longer than any of her previous ones as they have just introduced their second child in December 2015.

With an annual earning that has doubled each of the last three years, she could be worth more than $200 million at this time next year, but that will be a difficult task since there are only 24 hours in a day. Still, she has done pretty well for being someone whose critics say she has “no talent.” Oh, and she also made $5 million for suing the people that released her tape with Ray J in 2007, so that’s where it all got started. Only in America!