Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

How do we establish loyalty?

Once we have someone's loyalty how do we keep it?

From the outside looking in it seems easy. When someone or some company screws up I feel like it's common sense what they did wrong.

When I screw up, while I hope I see it, I don't know that I always realize what I did wrong. So, if I ever establish your loyalty and somehow lose it, please let me know: (352) 577-0173 or KarolGajda AT Sometimes I'm an idiot. ;)

Within the past 2 weeks one company has lost my loyalty forever and another has me wanting to do business with them over and over. There's no need in focusing on the negative, but I need to tell you about the company that earned my loyalty.

How To Earn A Customer's Loyalty

On January 17 I purchased a MetroSafe 300 computer bag for my new laptop (updated Ultra Light Packing List coming soon!) from

I received the package on January 22.

When I opened it the bag looked much smaller than it should have been. "What is this? This has to be the wrong bag. It can't fit a laptop."

So I called (i.e. CSN Stores) and explained what happened. The customer service rep immediately started the process to get the correct bag to me. "Ugh, I'm so sorry, let me get this straightened out for you."

A very short time later...

"OK, it's all set, it'll ship out in 24-48 hours, probably Monday of next week."

"Thank you so much! There's just one problem. I need the bag by Wednesday because I'm leaving the country for an undetermined length of time. Do you think you can do anything to help me out?"

"Oh wow, yeah, this bag won't get there by that time with this shipping option. Can you hold on just a few seconds?"


About a minute later...

"OK, I have it set to ship Next Day Air and you WILL receive it Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when it leaves the warehouse. I put a note to the warehouse to ask them to ship it urgently so they'll probably ship it Monday. I would call them Monday morning to make sure they do that, but I don't come in until Wednesday. What I'll do is have a colleague contact them Monday. So you're all set."

"Wow, really? Thank you for doing that!"

I received the bag last Tuesday.

Let's break this down some more. (i.e. CSN Stores) actually LOST money on me. I'd never purchased anything from them before and only spent $100 (with shipping) for the MetroSafe 300. Sure, it was their fault for sending me the wrong bag in the first place, but they stepped it up when it mattered.

CSN Stores has empowered their customer service reps to make shit happen and I will definitely buy from them again when the time comes. In addition, knowing that they rock, you're probably more inclined to shop with them too. :)

Why Loyalty Matters

If you want fleeting relationships, loyalty doesn't matter. If you want lasting friendships, loyalty matters.

If you want to write for yourself, loyalty doesn't matter. If you want a successful blog/book/comic/etc, loyalty matters.

If you want to get fat, loyalty doesn't matter. If you want to be healthy, loyalty (to your body and your routine) matters.

If you're looking to make money, loyalty doesn't matter.

If want to build a business, there might not be anything more important.

Your turn. How do you feel about loyalty? Have there been any extraordinary people or companies that you'd like to share with the community? Please let us know in the comments...