Who could ever forget the early 1990’s in cinema. One child actor emerged as one of the most popular of all-time, and that was Macaulay Culkin. Culkin got his start on stage and then appeared on television productions such as “The Equalizer” and “The Midnight Hour”. Culkin’s big break came when he landed a role in “Uncle Buck” with John Candy, opening the door for his biggest role.

Culkin was cast as the lead in 1990’s “Home Alone”, which was the biggest film of the year and it instantly made Culkin one of the most recognized actors in the world. After several movies throughout the 1990’s, Culkin seemed to vanish off the face of the Earth, so how much could he still be worth with such a small movie resume? Believe it or not, Culkin still has a net worth estimated at a whopping $15 million these days.

So how could someone who has not had a starring role since they were 14 years old be worth so much? Wait until you see the salaries that Culkin received as a child star. Culkin got his first big check from “Uncle Buck”, which paid him $40,000. Afterward, he got a big increase for “Home Alone” at $100,000.

From there, the salaries skyrocketed, as 1991’s “My Girl” paid Culkin $1 million. After the success of the first “Home Alone” movie, Culkin was able to negotiate a huge increase for the sequel, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” to the tune of $4.5 million. Culkin was still a hot commodity at this time and he received $5 million from 1993’s “The Good Son” and $8 million each for “Getting Even With Dad” and “Richie Rich” both in 1994.


In case you didn’t want to do the math, the total salary for those movies accounts for more than $23 million. Culkin left acting afterward, and has only made sporadic appearances in film since then in movies that include “Saved!”, “Sex and Breakfast” and the upcoming “Zoolander No. 2”. None of these have been really high paying roles, but Culkin seems happy with staying out of the spotlight.

These days, Culkin has been working on his band called The Pizza Underground that got their marketing start from a viral video. Culkin’s band started a tour in New York City in January of 2014, but it didn’t turn out well as he was in the middle of a kazoo (yes, a kazoo) solo in May of 2014 when people started to boo and throw beer at him on stage. Culkin’s band cancelled all of their shows in the United Kingdom afterward, but are still together.

Culkin may have lost some money over the years thanks to taxes and not having a lot of income, but he is still rich, especially compared to the average person, and lives in a pretty swanky apartment. Culkin paid $2 million for his pad in New York City, which he has since turned into a massive art studio in the SoHo area.

While it’s a pricy apartment, you wouldn’t know it by looking at it since it’s covered in empty bottles, piles of cigarettes and other general litter, but that’s the life of an artist, apparently. Culkin is a long way away from his days as a child actor, but he still seems to be enjoying himself, just not in the conventional way that you might want to live your life.

Will we ever see a return to the big screen for Culkin? It doesn’t seem like he has any interest in coming back, even if the price is right, but if there is ever another “Home Alone” sequel (despite their being an unsuccessful third movie), it might be worth having Culkin star to reprise his role. Oh, and we was also dating Mila Kunis for nearly a decade, so he has been living the life for a long time.