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Mia Farrow
Name: Mia Farrow
Birthdate: February 9, 1945
Famous Years: 1964-Present
Currently Known For: Semi-Retired Actress
Networth: $60 MillionFamous For: Peyton Place, Rosemary's Baby, The Great Gatsby
Mia Farrow
Name Mia Farrow
Birthdate February 9, 1945
Famous Years 1964-Present
Currently Known For Semi-Retired Actress
Networth $60 Million
Famous For Peyton Place, Rosemary's Baby, The Great Gatsby

Certain actors that have made it big got their start while performing in the soap opera circuit. Others team up with a certain director for multiple occasions to garner recognition. And then there are some that have had famous marriages that were covered extensively by the press. One person that falls into all three of those categories is Mia Farrow, who has been in plenty of memorable movies over the years, but you may know her better these days as an activist with a lot on her mind to share via social media.

Farrow had been born into an entertainment family on February 9, 1945 in Los Angeles, to her father that was a film director and mother who was an actress. Like many that grew up with families that worked on set, Farrow grew up in nearby Beverly Hills and showed that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to get into the entertainment business at an early age. “I think it was a difficult place for children,” she said of Beverly Hills.

For Farrow, it “was a one business town, and the moviemaking community was very clique-ish,” she added. “You didn’t really meet people outside that circle - except when they were employed by your parents: lawyers, or a gardener. Things that you might have wanted to do, you saw them as, in a way, in service. It was limiting in the way that role models were presented to children, and when people sort of became aware of how special our circumstances were, it also began to dawn on them: how could they possibly sustain this themselves?”

Throughout her late teenage years and into her 20s, Farrow had worked as a model, though there was always the dream of becoming an actress. Eventually, Farrow would end up on screen, though it was only in brief appearances. The first time that Farrow received a credit for her acting came in 1964 in “Guns at Batasi”, but it was the small screen that gave her her first bit of exposure. That’s when she starred as Allison MacKenzie on the soap opera “Peyton Place”, and she started dating iconic singer Frank Sinatra right around the same time.

Farrow would ultimately leave the show after marrying Sinatra, who said she should give up her acting career. At first, Farrow did just that, but the two would quickly divorce as she wanted to establish her own career. The beginning of the end in the relationship came when Farrow signed on to play the lead role in “Rosemary’s Baby” instead of a movie Sinatra was making. Though it ended their marriage, it was the right career choice as the film was a huge hit with critics and audiences.

Over the course of the rest of the 1970s and into the 1980s, Farrow would star in films such as “The Great Gatsby”, “A Wedding” and “See No Evil”, while also establishing a career on stage in Broadway. Then, Farrow would begin a relationship with film director Woody Allen, and the two would collaborate in more than a dozen films together including “Hannah and Her Sisters”, “The Purple Rose of Cairo” and “Broadway Danny Rose”.

For the most part, Farrow has been retired from acting on screen. From 2007 to 2011, Farrow had plenty of roles in films such as “Be Kind Rewind”, “The Ex” and a pair of “Arthur” films, but hasn’t acted since 2011’s “Dark Horse”. In 2014, Farrow would make her return to acting, though this time it would be on stage in the production of “Love Letters” as she played Melissa Gardner on Broadway.

While stepping away from the busy schedule of an actress, Farrow has instead focused a lot of her time on philanthropy and raising many children. Farrow has four biological children, and has adopted 10 more over the years. She’s worked with UNICEF for more than two decades now, and has visited countries all over the world in hopes of improving the lives of impoverished children. “I took a long period off to be a mom,” she said. “It’s been a very busy household, with all the kids becoming teenagers - my second batch. I’ve been very focused on trying to bring them up.”

Though out of the limelight in terms of acting, Farrow is still very much visible on social media, with more than 350,000 followers. Farrow has been very outspoken politically, which has garnered both a lot of new fans, as well as some detractors. No matter what she has to say, though, you know that there are plenty of people willing to listen to her opinion.

Whether she’ll return to acting full-time or not, it doesn’t seem likely. “I love films. I have always liked the cinema very much,” she said. However, “Now that I don’t have any big parts planned...When one has worked for many years in the cinema and wants to have a long career, one needs to know how to wait for the right role. Furthermore, one also needs to know how to do other things, and not let the cinema take up all of one’s time. I am lucky because I love many different things, and I especially love getting together with my children and grandchildren. I have to say that my life is truly full right now.”