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Mila Kunis
Name: Mila Kunis
Birthdate: August 14, 1983
Famous Years: 1998-Present
Currently Known For: Actress
Networth: $40 Million
Famous For: That '70s Show
Mila Kunis
Name Mila Kunis
Birthdate August 14, 1983
Famous Years 1998-Present
Currently Known For Actress
Networth $40 Million
Famous For That '70s Show

“All hail queen Jackie Burkhart!” Born in the former USSR to a wealthy and well-educated Jewish Ukrainian family, Mila Kunis was seven years old when her parents moved the family to Los Angeles, California with the hopes of giving Mila and her brother a better future and chance to pursue the American dream. With the family only having $250 to their name and completely unfamiliar with the culture, the seven-year-old Kunis struggled in school and later admitted she blocked out second and third grade completely. “I have no recollection of it… It was because I cried every day. I didn’t understand the culture. I didn’t understand the people…the language…”

Eventually becoming fluent in English, Kunis’ father enrolled her in the Beverly Hills Studios acting school in 1993 where the young actress-to-be met her future manager, Susan Curtis. Instantly falling in love with the stage, Kunis had barely gotten her feet wet in her studies when she went to her first audition and landed the part in a Barbie commercial. Inspired by her initial success, she had obviously been bitten by the acting bug as she landed additional commercial gigs before making her way to television in 1994 with a small role on Days of Our Lives and Baywatch.

With her career slowly ramping up with several film and television appearances by the time she was 14 years old, Kunis’ career skyrocketed in 1998 when she was cast as Jackie Burkhart in Fox’s hit sitcom That 70’s Show. Knowing producers would only hire an 18-year-old for the part, Kunis fibbed and told producers she would be turning 18 years old but didn't say exactly when. By the time everyone learned the truth, Kunis was already a shoe-in for the role.

That 70’s Show was met with tremendous success and ran for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006 and made Kunis a star in Hollywood earning two consecutive Young Star Awards as Best Young Actress. Along the way, she also proved her talents behind the scenes when she was cast as the voice of Meg Griffin in the animated sitcom Family Guy, a part she continues to voice today.

Becoming a mainstream success and making the transition from primetime television to the silver screen, Kunis is credited with over 60 films and television series with several others currently in the works. And, as you might’ve guessed, aside from her on-screen success, the stunning beauty is also a huge hit in the media and has made nearly every “sexiest woman alive” list but, believe it or not, she hasn’t let the praise get to her head. “You’ve got to base your career on something other than being FHM’s top 100 number one girl,” she said during an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “Your looks are going to die out, and then what’s going to be left?”

Proving she definitely has it all from her stunning beauty to her talent in Hollywood, the 33-year-old Bad Moms star definitely isn’t hurting for money as she earned an upwards of $7 million in 2015 that padded her already impressive $40 million net worth. With money like that, she can easily afford to live out the rest of her days on a sandy beach somewhere in the Caribbean!

Until then, Kunis is more than happy to play house with her husband and former That 70’s Show costar, Ashton Kutcher, in their modest Beverly Hills mansion. The couple pulled the trigger on their $10 million purchase in 2014 when they were newly engaged and expecting their first child, daughter Wyatt Isabelle. Boasting over 7,500 square feet with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, Kunis instantly fell in love with the home and knew it was perfect to raise a family with its spacious living area, well-manicured grounds and lush green landscape adding an extra layer of privacy.

Apart from her gorgeous estate and a garage filled with a stunning Lexus SC 430 and a Range Rover Overfinch, Kunis has definitely developed a taste for the finer things in life and is often spotted in the city dressed and accessorized from head to toe in the finest designer clothing. Some of her favorites include Elie Saab, Kara Ackerman, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. But, with the announcement coming in June 2016 that Kunis is once again pregnant, we can’t help but wonder if her spending habits will change?

A known philanthropist who has supported dozens of nonprofits like Chrysalis and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Kunis might enjoy a lavish lifestyle and splurging on her home, wardrobe, cars and children but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done her part to give back. Using both her fortune and fame to raise awareness about many issues, Kunis continues to prove that, despite her popularity, wealth and incredible beauty, she has remained close to her roots and will never forget her own journey to America nearly three decades ago.