You’re Too Late. Sale Is Over. (Or is it?)

Here's the deal: after 72 very intense hours this sale has come to a close. But fear not! A new 72 hour sale is in the works! ;)

If you're interested, get on the list now ...


I'm going to get right into this. The 3 Day Minimalist Book Sale is on now (sorry, sale is over!). I wanted to launch my Luxury of Less eBook in a unique way, and because the minimalist community rocks, I was able to put together a package of ridiculously extraordinary value.

17 minimalist guides from 13 minimalist writers, normally $224.54, just $27 for 3 days only!

The sale ends at 10am Eastern this Thursday, October 7 so you have exactly 72 hours to get in on this package. But here's why I'd like you to get in on it within 24 hours: I'm sending my first 24 hours of profits to Third World entrepreneurs through!

You Get Everything Listed Below:

1) Leo Babauta's The Simple Guide To A Minimalist Life

Regular price: $9.95

2) Everett Bogue's The Art of Being Minimalist

Regular Price $17.00

3) Tammy Strobel's Smalltopia: A Practical Guide To Working For Yourself

Regular Price: $27.00

4) Tammy Strobel's Simply Car-free: How To Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life

Regular Price: $9.95

5) Adam Baker's Unautomate Your Finances: A Simple, Passionate Approach To Money

Regular Price: $17.00

6) Joshua Becker's Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life

Regular Price: $9.95

7) Charley Forness's You, Simplified Handbook

Regular Price: $5.00

8) David Damron's Project M-31: Simplify Your Life In 31 Days

Regular Price: $15.00

9) David Damron's Minimalism: 7 Steps To A Simpler Life

Regular Price: $4.95

10) David Damron's Simple Health & Fitness

Regular Price: $9.95

11) David Damron's Simple. Minimalist. Life. Version 2.0 Deluxe Edition

Regular Price: $27.00

12) Annie Brewer's The Minimalist Cleaning Method

Regular Price: $9.95

13) Meg Wolfe's Minimalist Cooking - Take Back Your Kitchen

Regular Price: $4.95

14) Sam Spurlin's Living The Simpler Life

Regular Price: $9.95

15) Brett Oblack's Consume Less, Create More

Regular Price: $9.95

16) Henri Junttila's Passionate Living Guide

Regular Price: $27.00

17) Karol Gajda's (that's me!) The Luxury of Less Special Edition

Regular Price: $9.99

Need convincing? That's not my bag ...

This incredible value is available for a total of 72 hours only (less than 1 hour left!). Get the Minimalist Book Sale package for just $27 by clicking right here.

Big Bonus!

If we reach 1,000 sales during these 3 days everybody will get my How To Live Anywhere Short Haul course valued at $77! This bonus has been unlocked!

If we reach 1,500 sales during these 3 days everybody will get my How To Live Anywhere Long Haul course valued at $97! This bonus has been unlocked!

If we reach 2,000 sales during these 3 days everybody will get my upcoming Mind Control Method course valued at $97!

I will manually update this area with the order tally as time goes on. [Current bonus tally: 1,630 sales with less than 1 hour left!]

Note: bonuses will be e-mailed to you once the sale is over.

Thank you so much!

Karol Gajda

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