Now Hiring! Help Wanted! Apply Within …

It's about that time. Maybe you guessed this was coming based on Thursday's article. Or maybe not. Either way I'm looking to hire good people and would like to give you the opportunity to become part of the Ridiculously Extraordinary Team.

There's lots of interesting work going on around here and I'm looking for a talented virtual assistant (or two or three). This is not a full time position right now and I can't guarantee any minimum or maximum amount of work.

I'm looking for people who are excellent with the Internet, have incredible attention to detail, have a good command of the English language, and are relentless workers.

In order to find good people I'm using this simple hiring exam which I've adapted from the venerable Clay Collins. It should take about an hour to do. Please follow all the instructions.

- After you’re done with this exam, please email me (KarolGajda at Gmail) with your cell phone number and include a link to a account that you have created.

- On that account, please select a blog name and please change the theme’s design to something other than the stock theme.

- Please answer or complete the items below. You may arrange your site as beautifully as you can (like anybody, I like a good design). Only the last question must be at the top of the page:

  1. What would you do if a co-worker (who’s also a friend of yours) was stealing?
  2. Upload three screenshots of what you think are the three best designed websites on the internet.
  3. Post the contact information to the man or woman in the most watched video on Youtube that is not a music video. How would I best get in touch with him or her?
  4. If I handed you $25 USD and asked you to find a way to use the money to thank a 31 year old musician in Belfast, Ireland for his excellent album, what would you do?
  5. Write a thank you email to a client named Beth that I just had lunch with. We ate at a Vegan restaurant called “Vegalicious.” The food was good, but when I presented my proposal to Beth, she was not interested.
  6. I'm in my car on the way to Anaheim, CA. I don't know the city at all. I need to know a vegan-friendly restaurant that has something other than veggie burgers and fried food. Call (352) 577-0173 and leave a voicemail with your recommendation, including hours and address so I can pop it in my GPS and satiate my hunger. End the voicemail with your name or e-mail address so I know it's yours. (You can call the number 24/7. If I answer the phone you'll have to tell me live!)
  7. Post one Creative Commons Licensed (for commercial use) photo that would fit with Thursday's article about not using photos.
  8. Post a favorite inspirational quote.
  9. Summarize in one paragraph one article I've posted recently. Include a call to action and a link to the article.
  10. Please indicate how long it took you to complete this entire site.
  11. If I was to hire you in the future, how much would it cost for 3 hours? (The answer to this must be at the top of the website).
Thanks so much for completing this exam. I'm hiring at least one person within 2 weeks and you'll receive an e-mail back from me whether you are hired or not.