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Priyanka Chopra
Name: Priyanka Chopra
Birthdate: July 18, 1982
Famous Years: 2000-Present
Currently Known For: Actress, Singer and Model
Networth: $20 Million
Famous For: Miss World 2000, the Star of Quantico
Priyanka Chopra
Name Priyanka Chopra
Birthdate July 18, 1982
Famous Years 2000-Present
Currently Known For Actress, Singer and Model
Networth $20 Million
Famous For Miss World 2000, the Star of Quantico

“I like bad boys, and I like to take them home to my mom.” An Indian actress, singer and model, the talented and stunning Priyanka Chopra first took the world by storm when she was named Miss World in 2000 at only 18 years old. Originally intending to study engineering or psychiatry after describing herself as a “gawky kid [with] low self-esteem,” Chopra did the unthinkable and accepted an offer to join the Indian film industry where she made her film debut in the 2002 political drama Thamizhan. Making her way to Bollywood the following year, she starred in The Hero: Love Story of a Spy which, despite mixed reviews, became a huge success and dominated the box office.

Well on her way to becoming a Bollywood celebrity and an A-list actress, Chopra spent the next few years struggling to find her niche after a series of commercially unsuccessful films where she was constantly cast in forgettable roles. Making only enough to keep her bills paid and food on the table, it wasn’t until 2007 when Chopra’s luck finally started to change as her loyal fans demanded more serious and significant roles featuring their favorite Bollywood actress. By 2008, fans got exactly what they wanted when Chopra was cast as the lead in Fashion, an Indian drama following the story of an aspiring supermodel. To prepare for the role, Chopra stunned the media by gaining 15 pounds, which she later lost as the story unfolded.

With her performance in the film wowing critics and audiences alike, Chopra earned several awards including the National Film Award for Best Actress and sealed her fate as a Bollywood star and leading lady. Leaving absolutely no doubt that Fashion jumpstarted her career, she has since dominated the industry with dozens of projects to her name. In 2015, she even made her way to the United States when she took Hollywood by storm as the first South Asian to headline an American network series with her debut as FBI recruit Alex Parrish on ABC’s drama thriller Quantico.

Described by The New York Times as the show’s “strongest human asset,” Chopra’s network deal with ABC was not only the first of its kind, it also marked her largest payday to date after she reportedly secured a $3.75 million contract for the first season. Earning every penny and taking home the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series, Chopra’s impressive paycheck has continued to grow thanks to numerous endorsement deals following her award-winning performance on the show. As a result, the 34-year-old is now worth an upwards of $20 million, half of which she earned last year alone.

Although the Indian beauty has been making a killing in recent years, she still keeps a tight lid on her personal life and places a high value on her privacy. What we do know, however, is that the actress recently purchased a lavish home in New York City and is proudly showing off her new digs on her Instagram account. And, while we may not know all the details like square footage or amenities, by the looks of the chef’s kitchen we can only imagine the rest of the house is just as luxe!

When it comes to cars, we definitely know a little more about Chopra’s taste and can assure you she knows how to pick out a luxury ride! Over the years, her garage has housed everything from a Porsche Cayenne to a Mercedes-Benz E Class and a BMW 7 series. According to Indian Express, Chopra turned heads in India when she became the first actress in the entire country to ever own a Rolls Royce which, of course, she had customized to match her tastes.

Beyond enjoying life in the Big Apple, spending long hours on the set shooting Quantico and cruising around in her favorite luxury cars, Chopra also likes to indulge in the latest fashions, especially now that she’s worth millions! Preferring to strut around town in killer high heels and high profile brands like Louis Vuitton and Versace, Chopra’s natural beauty takes glamor to an entirely new level.

Yet, despite her chic style and glamorous life in the spotlight, Chopra hasn’t let her fortune and fame overshadow her compassion for helping others. Describing herself as a “self-made woman” in the film industry, she is known around the world for her philanthropic work after regularly donating both her time and money to organizations related to the environment, women’s rights, gender equality and equal pay, health and education. To top it off, UNICEF even appointed the Quantico star as their 2010 National Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights, an honor that Chopra holds dear to her heart as a reminder of her dedication to contributing to the greater good beyond the often blinding, bright lights of Hollywood.