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Shailene Woodley
Name: Shailene Woodley
Birthdate: November 15, 1991
Famous Years: 2008-Present
Currently Known For: Actress and Former Model
Networth: $10 MillionFamous For: Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Divergent Series
Shailene Woodley
Name Shailene Woodley
Birthdate November 15, 1991
Famous Years 2008-Present
Currently Known For Actress and Former Model
Networth $10 Million
Famous For Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Divergent Series

“When it comes down to it, I'm just a girl who wears those five-finger weird toe shoes.” An American actress and former model, Shailene Woodley was born in San Bernardino, California but grew up in the nearby Simi Valley where her parents actively encouraged her to pursue her creative passions. Like many others in Hollywood, Woodley started acting at a very young age and, by the time she was 10 years old, had already landed a minor television role in The District and Crossing Jordan. Over the next few years, she made appearances in shows like The O.C. and Everybody Loves Raymond before she was cast as the star in ABC’s teen drama, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Only 17 years old at the time, Woodley saw outstanding success on the series for five seasons with her performance attracting a large audience that made The Secret Life the most watched program on the network and secured her fate in Hollywood. Since then, Woodley transitioned from television to film by taking on more adult roles in hits like The Descendants, The Fault in Our Stars and The Divergent Series. As a result, she’s earned widespread praise and critical acclaim with 58 award nominations and over 30 wins.

Today, the 24-year-old Woodley has more than just a wall of trophies to mark her success thanks to a fat paycheck after taking home over $40,000 per episode on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. By the time she joined The Divergent Series as Beatrice “Tris” Prior, she was earning between $500,000 and $1 million for each film, which has quickly brought her net worth to $10 million and counting!

Despite her incredible success and fortune, however, Woodley isn’t living the lavish life you might expect. In the fall of 2014, The Spectacular Now star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she revealed a few oddities about her lifestyle. For starters, she admitted to living out of a suitcase and being pretty much “homeless” after giving her Los Angeles mansion to her grandmother since she rarely used it thanks to her busy schedule. Now, she spends her time in between jobs couch surfing among friends.

With her living arrangement lands on the more practical side, Woodley has an extremely unique “use it or lose it” approach to the rest of her belongings. During the same interview, she explained that, aside from her kitchen utensils, she can fit all of her tangible possessions into a single suitcase. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle, Woodley says that having a limited number of material things not only makes it easier for her to travel but allows her to keep track of what’s truly important. “I haven’t splurged on anything and I live a very simple lifestyle because that’s the life that satisfies my soul,” she explained.

As it turns out, ditching her Los Angeles mansion and most of her belongings wasn’t enough because, on top of everything else, she says her portable wardrobe consists of nothing but hand-me-downs. Obviously with spending and splurging the least of her concern, Woodley’s bank account is overflowing with cash as she enjoys the freedom of living simply and embracing the peace of mind that comes from her lifestyle choice, which her friends and family have come to respect.

Often describing herself as a vagabond, Woodley does things most people consider to be a little “out there” and out of the ordinary. For example, as an avid environmental activist, she has previous advocated for clay consumption as a detox method. While unorthodox by any standard, the actress claims that digesting clay is “one of the best things you can do for your body.”

Beyond her oddities and extreme frugality, the Snowden actress is actually very generous when it comes to helping those in need and has used her status in the spotlight to raise awareness for causes like DoSomething.org, the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and many others. As if that wasn’t enough, she helped raise over $60,000 for charity through an early screening of Divergent when 400 guests were invited to the benefit. At the end of the day, Woodley and her costar, Theo James, handed over an impressive donation to the All It Takes organization that promotes youth empowerment.

Whether or not you agree with Woodley’s minimalist lifestyle or even enjoy catching her latest flick on the silver screen, it’s important to give credit where it’s due and she definitely deserves it when it comes to her philanthropy and activism. Joining the board of Our Revolution in 2016, Woodley has taken her stardom to an entirely new level as she actively works to educate voters about issues while encouraging and inspiring people to get more involved in the political arena. Looks like she’s doing much more than advocating for clay!