Minus the singing, plus lots of rain.

It has been rainy (and floody) and cold most of my time in Poland thus far. It's warming up a bit now.

Hey, I have an idea --> instead of me babbling about the weather like some lame dude trying to pick up some hot chick (or a hot dude, whatever, it's cool), let's get right into the ...

swt lnks:

Are You Living The Dream or Chasing It? by some dude with a girl's name that he tells everybody is Karl

"Hey Karol, WTF are you doing linking to your own post here when I already read it on Monday?!"

Wait, wait, let me explain! :) There was a lot of resistance to the tests in this article. It kind of made me sad just how much resistance there was to the no TV watching thing. Originally I made the tests 30 day tests, but I removed the sentence mentioning that before posting. I think maybe that's where all the resistance comes from. It's difficult to think about quitting a TV addiction forever. 30 days? No problem. Forever? Youz a crazy mofo dude with the girl's name!

The point of the article was to get back to basics. To be mindful of how we're spending time and how we're wasting time. To be mindful of what is going into our bodies and enjoy the process instead of scarfing something down as quickly as possible. To actively seek knowledge.

I do eat at restaurants, sometimes. I do watch TV. That's mostly a lie because it's a rare occurrence, but I can't state that I absolutely never watch. And I don't read books every single day. Also rare, but there are days when I don't actually pick up a book.

You can officially consider the tests 30 day tests. But you will never, ever, not in this lifetime (what other lifetime is there?) convince me that TV is productive or useful. I had an interesting thought about that ...

The people who create TV shows spend more time creating TV shows than watching TV shows. Why? Because they're living their dreams, not chasing them. Thoughts?

How to use Personality to Build a Loyal Audience and Create Raving Fans — with Naomi Dunford by Corbett Barr

I paid for a consultation with Naomi last week. Naomi is not cheap. And I don't mean that in the sleazy red light district way. Wait ... I mean ... hmmm ... how do I dig myself out of this one? Got it --> You can get some of Naomi's sweet sweet ... info! ... frrrreeeeeeee in this interview on ThinkTraffic.

ThatTravelSpark.com by Shannon Albert

Cool new travel tip blog (with video!) that Shannon just launched. She has already added lots of content and is adding more regularly. If you have a family I think this site will be especially useful because Shannon has a husband and 2 kids and has a lot of experience traveling with the whole crew. Shannon and I disagree about cheap ponchos. Does that mean anything to you? It shouldn't. Probably just check out the site and have a look-see before I go off on more tangents.

Lack of Content is a Lazy Excuse by Pat Flynn

"You should never have nothing to write about." If you have nothing to write about you're probably forcing yourself into the "wrong" niche because you're chasing money or fame or something of that sort. I have about 30,000 words of content in backlog for this blog and it just doesn't stop pouring out of me. I refuse to post more than 3 times/week though. :)

Passionate Living Guide by Henri Junttila

I interviewed Henri about how he earns money while living anywhere for How To Live Anywhere (coming June 8!). Henri's an awesome dude who has been known to watch a lot of Los Simpsons lately to practice his Spanish. Damn, I guess TV can be educational. I take back everything I said earlier. (No, I don't. TV drools, avocado rules!) He just released this sweet guide for $9.95. If you enter coupon code 'freedom' you get 25% off for the next week. Booya! (Just doing my thing and hooking you up!) Who the guide is not for: if you're already living a passionate life, then rock! You're all good. Who the guide is for: if you're stuckified this guide can help. You know, you're just not quite on the path in life you wish you were on. That type of thing. It does not have all the answers. Nothing does, nothing ever will. It's 92 pages and full of lots of content.

Tim Ferriss Scam! Practical Tactics For Dealing With Haters by Tim Ferriss

Man, I really wish Tim's site worked in Chrome (also known as Better Than Your Browser Unless Your Browser Is Chrome). But then again, there are a lot of sites that don't. Step up your games people! This commentary has nothing at all to do with this post by Tim, but I had to get it off my chest. As much flack (flak? flaq? flac? Aflac?) as Tim gets, he has inspired many people, including myself. And the dude deserves all the success and acclaim he has received.

Proof You Can Create High Quality Content With No Money by The Swellers

The link above is to a video called Fire Away by my friends and tour mates The Swellers. You'll notice that the video looks like something that might be on MTV if MTV still played videos. I won't tell you how much they spent on the video, but let's just say you wouldn't believe me if I told you. :)

The key for them was relationships. Over the years they built up a lot of relationships with people and were able to call in favors. Take away: relationships are how you build a business as well.

Language Hacking Guide by Benny Lewis

Benny rocks it. I linked to this on Monday, and I'm linking to it again. I've linked to Benny a bunch of times before and I'm sure I'll link to him in the future. Dude rules. Yes, I get paid if you buy the Language Hacking Guide. If you don't want me to get paid just go to www.languagehacking.com and buy it and give Benny all those sweet sweet duckets (cash, skrilla, bills, bread, dough, cabbage, you get the point). It don't matter (how's my grammar?). If you've tried and failed at learning languages before, follow Benny's advice already. Or don't. :)

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