Life Lesson #102: "Don't let the fuckers drag you down."


Thank you to Leo, Baker, Everett, Tammy, Joshua, Henri, Sam, Charley, Brett, David, Annie, and Meg. We were part of something special and it would not have worked without every one of you. I'm still getting e-mails (well over 100 now) asking if I can open the minimalist book sale back up. 72 hours is 72 hours. If somebody figures out how to squeeze 96 hours into 72 hours I will open it up for another 24. ;) What I mean is, it's not going on sale again. If you want to buy any of the books in the sale they are well worth the individual prices and you will be supporting amazing artists. Luxury of Less will be available on Kindle ($9.99) and in print ($12.95) in December.

This has been an insane week. 1,687 minimalist book sale packages sold. That almost sounds like a fake number. $9,388.40 to Kiva entrepreneurs. That almost sounds like a fake number. Hundreds of "yes" requests. That almost sounds like a fake number. I guess it's not a number, so it is fake. :)

There is only one link you should read above all others this week. That is Corbett Barr's 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures. I'm not joking when I say it will dominate your life.

I guess that's not fair to others I'm going to link to. Dammit. But really, if you don't have time to read much this week, read Corbett's free manifesto. Free as in you don't have to pay for it, or enter your e-mail address, or anything. Download it. Turn off your internet. Find a quiet place. And read. Don't thank me. Thank Corbett.

Links, please!

Empowerment is not for sale by Tammy Strobel

This is another one of those articles that I can't do justice to by summarizing here. It's a very important article for women and men.

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write and 9 Tips To Get Started by Jason Baptiste

"Writing has allowed me to meet a slew of smart people." Me too! :)

To make up for the fact that last week I had 13 links, this week only 3. Woohoo!

Tomorrow I'm running in a 5K. 10/10/10 at 10am. I run very slowly and I don't plan on continuing running. Not because I run slowly, but because it's not fun and hurts my knees. I'm going to guess I'll finish in 34 minutes. Yes, that slowly. :) Have a great weekend!