Sweet Shit Saturday #030 (2 Legit 2 Quit Edition)

This is a weird month and I'll tell you right now that if you ever start a blog, you probably shouldn't work on 2 product launches within 2 weeks of each other. :)

I'm launching Mind Control Method in 9 days and then on Cyber Monday, November 29, we're launching another 72 Hour Sale at Only72.com. This one is going to be strictly business products and we have a lot of really big bloggers involved. (When we reveal who's in it you might flip a lid!) I say we because I brought in my friend Baker to work on this particular business with me.

Two product launches in 2 weeks is not really a good idea, but sometimes this is how things work out. I apologize in advance if you're not interested in the stuff I have for sale because you're going to have to go through 2 launches in a short time frame. I still want you around even if you never buy anything, but if you need to leave then no hard feelings. :)

That said, I'm really proud of these launches so I don't apologize for releasing kick ass content. ;)

Mind Control Method will initially only be available for 24 hours (although I'm considering making it a bit longer), the 72 Hour Sale will be for just 72 hours (duh!), and I'm not going to do a big launch sequence for either one. So the launches will be easy breezy.

Here's what it'll look like: on November 15 I'll post an article talking about Mind Control Method and on November 29 I'll post about the 72 Hour Business Product Sale. I might mention them here and there otherwise, but that's pretty much it!

And because I've already had a bunch of questions about this: Mind Control Method will not be in the 72 Hour Sale.

How about some sweet links? Done!

Go Hunting by Steve Pavlina

This is an article idea I've had written down, but never actually turned it into a fully formed article. Which is cool, Mr. Pavlina did that for me. :)

What 17 Million Americans Got From A College Degree by Ben Casnocha

This article can be described with one word: fascinating. Go to school, get student loans, work as a janitor. Success?!

10 Proven Strategies For Decimating Fear by Lachlan Cotter

Lach has commented on this blog a lot. What I like about his comments is he doesn't always agree with me and he challenges my thoughts. That takes balls. Or ... audacity. :) Lach just launched his blog The Art of Audacity with this article about Fear which I contributed to. I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in store.

You Don't Need A Job - You Need Guts! by Ash Ambirge

Ash rocks. It's a simple as that. And holy shit her Freedom Fund idea is so good I want to steal it! :)

Ten Questions For Mark Cuban on Forbes.com

You probably already know how much I love Mark Cuban. He is simply one of the smartest people alive today. And yes, I would still quit everything I'm currently doing to be his janitor/personal assistant/whatever he needed just so I could learn from him in person.

That's all for this week. Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday!