It's almost that time. Mind Control Method launches for exactly 24 hours starting Monday, November 15, 10:00am EST. (That's this Monday!)

On launch day I'm going to include 50 coupon codes in the article. Each coupon code will be one-time use only. The majority of them will be for 10% off, but a few of them will be for a lot more. ;)

So what will your strategy be? Test out every coupon code hoping to find a huge discount, or risk the chance of not being able to use any coupon code by wasting time doing that? :) That will be up to you, of course.

Again: Mind Control Method will be available for exactly 24 hours. Monday at 10:00am EST until Tuesday at 10:00am EST.

Enough of that ... time for sweet links!

The Law of Action by Maren Kate

I love that Maren wrote this, because the focus of this Monday's launch article is how the law of attraction is a scam. Thanks Maren! :)

Never Work Again by Adam Baker

A fantastic article about watching what we say around impressionable minds so we don't brain wash them into believing in the status quo.

The Definitive Guide To Increasing Traffic To Your Blog or Website by Henri Junttila

Killer article, especially if you need more traffic. :)

Fewer Bills by Leo Babauta

Fewer bills "means less stress, less hassle to pay bills, less work required to pay them, more savings, simplicity."

When people ask me "if everybody adopted a minimalist lifestyle, wouldn't the world crumble since we thrive on consumerism?" I'm going to refer them to this article. Especially the "less work required" to pay bills part. :)

That's it for this week. Hope you're kicking ass! Take names if you want ... unless it's mine! ;)