Sweet Shit Saturday #032 (Murmurs of Change Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary.
Posted by Ryan Neal
Sweet Shit Saturday #032 (Murmurs of Change Edition)
Publication: RidiculouslyExtraordinary. Posted by Ryan Neal

The fun thing about Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom is you're not usually bound by plans. Nothing is set in stone. With that said, it looks like I'm not going to Brasil in January.

Instead, I'll be treating my body to below-freezing temperatures in a city yet-to-be-revealed doing something yet-to-be-revealed, then heading to SXSW in mid-March, and THEN heading to Brasil. :)

The interesting thing about this is that subjecting myself to below-freezing temperatures will cost 2-3 times more than just heading to Brasil.


What? Did you just call me stupid?


Who are you?

I'm you.


Nothing. Carry on.

Whoa, what was that?

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeettttt linkssssssssssss:

How Complexity Leads To Simplicity by Eric Berlow

I like when really smart people share their really smart ideas. :)

Minimalist Fitness: Use Your Kids As A Gym by Leo Babauta

Parents: do this!

The Power of a Smile by Tammy Strobel

Oh so powerful. :)

Kick Procrastination In The Arse by Mark Powers

I love this technique and I've used it often. Actually, in the How To Live Anywhere interview I did with Leo Babauta we discussed this technique briefly. :)

Focus On A Freedom Fighter #003: Raam Dev

As you know, sometimes I feature Freedom Fighters here. If you'd like to be featured, join the Freedom Fighters and wait for the e-mail about being featured (it arrives in your inbox after about 45 days).

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Raam Dev from

Karol: Why did you join Freedom Fighters?

Raam: I joined Freedom Fighters because I'm a fighter for freedom, both in the literal sense and in the metaphorical sense that I dislike anything that restricts me. The best way to grow as a freedom fighter is to be open-minded and willing to collaborate with and listen to what other freedom fighters are doing and saying. You're a freedom fighter. I'm a freedom fighter. So hearing what you have to say helps me on my own journey!

K: How has Freedom Fighters helped you?

R: The emails are a constant reminder that I'm not alone. They are little nudges that give me little bits of motivation and inspiration to keep pushing myself onward. One of the hardest ways to fight a battle is alone but when you know others are with you, the battle becomes a shared quest. Seemingly impossible challenges feel a little less insurmountable and sometimes that's all we need to keep going.

K: What are your goals with your website?

R: I write for a community of passionate changemakers who are driven to live life to its fullest potential and who want to use that potential to change the world. We have a common goal of working towards something that will both outlast us and and leave the world a better place than we found it.

We are a community of dreamers with a passion to think big and beyond ourselves. We aim to utilize our individually unique potential for a greater purpose and we work together to find ways to share our abundance with the rest of the world. Our community exists to promote human sustainability and help rid the world of ignorance and inequality.

My site is just one small piece of our community and I use it to share and discuss ideas, teach principals of practical minimalism, and provide insight into my lifestyle as a digital nomad. My primary goal is to be a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone interested in getting more out of life, obliterating the status quo, or doing something to help change the world.

K: Is there anything in particular you'd like to tell the world?

R: You are capable of anything. There is absolutely nothing you cannot learn, no skill you cannot develop, and no amount of knowledge that is out of your reach.

You can envision things that others cannot. You have revolutionary ideas that can and will change the world. You can find others who think and believe the same way as you. You can lead those people and become an unstoppable force of change to make your shared vision a reality.

You are a powerhouse of potential and you have the power to change the world. If you see something that should be changed, you have the power to change it.

Empower yourself. Become a changemaker. Nothing and nobody can stop you, except yourself.


Woohoo! Thanks Raam. You're an incredibly inspirational person.

That's it for this week. Special request for the weekend: enjoy yourself! :) See ya!