I learned a lot of lessons from the first 72 hour sale and I learned a lot more during the one that just ended 2 days ago. I'll probably share those lessons sometime in the future.

If you participated in the sale in any way, even just by following along, thank you. We're going to do more 72 hour sales, but we're not sure when the next one will be. Rest assured it will be an insane value just like the last 2 have been. If you have suggestions for specific products you'd like to see in the futureĀ please get in touch.

A lot of people have made jokes about the money we made during the sale. You know, retirement, fast cars, etc, etc. (It was a lot, but it wasn't as much as you might think. Baker has full transparency on his blog, so you'll know exactly how much when he does his income report in January.)

The truth is the money is not the exciting part to me. I've written about this countless times, but I know what enough is for me. Getting more than enough is cool (I'm not going to burn it!), but it happens naturally when you give a lot of people what they want and it doesn't increase my happiness. I have no desire to buy a BMW or a Rolex or any other toys. I did buy a MacBook Air, but I bought that before the sale and had been waiting for the right time (a sale/discount) to buy one. I may have only saved $50 by waiting, but $50 buys lots of Fuji apples (my favorite). :)

With all that said, you might be wondering what the exciting part is, if not the cash? It's exciting doing big things. 1,915 fantastically good looking people put their trust in me and Baker in the span of 72 hours. That's big. It's exciting working with smart people who give a damn. It's exciting giving lots of people what they want. It's exciting raising enough money to build 6+ wells in Ethiopia. (This only happened because of Chris, but it was still exciting for me.) I don't know what Chris's criteria is for choosing who goes with him to Ethiopia next year, but if I'm not on my epic r-----------r tour (more on that in January) at the time, I'm interested. :)

That's what excites me. I hope whatever excites you that you're able to achieve it as well.


Did you say something?

Ohhhh, sweet links?


Sufficiency by Chris Guillebeau

If you're not convinced about what I just wrote regarding money and enough you need to read this. This is one of the most important articles Chris has written. It's from June '09, so it's not new, but it's timeless. I've written about this topic quite a few times and it's actually not Chris's only article on the topic either. Why? Because it's important enough to revisit and remember.

11 Things I Learned From 11 Months In Spain by Henri Junttila

This is more about life than Spain and I really enjoyed it.

How To Turn A $300/month Adsense Site Into A $17,500/month Business by Brian Evans

Brian Evans is one of the smartest marketers blogging today. He's not in the "in your face make money online" niche so that's probably why you don't hear his name often. That's too bad. For the 5,000+ of you who own How To Live Anywhere: there's a PDF interview I did with Brian in the member's area. :)

What It Takes by Steven Pressfield

An insider's look at the publishing a book. There is nothing I can say about this other than "awesome." :)

That's it for this week. Oh wait, thanks for your submissions to Extraordinary Insights Volume 1, a free eBook you helped create. That'll be out in about 2 weeks! OK, see ya!