Sweet Shit Saturday #041 (First Meetup Edition!)

[caption id="attachment_5866" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="11 of us hanging at Gold Star Bar in Chicago! (Photo Credit: Jenny from MinimalismDefined.com)"][/caption]

We had the first ever Ridiculously Extraordinary Meetup on Wednesday and it was great. I was honestly expecting maybe 4 or 5 people to show up, but about 15 passed through. I hung out from 7pm until about 1am. OK, that's a lie, my bus was 10 minutes late so I got there at 7:05. :) I figured everybody would leave early since it was a weeknight, but many stayed until around Midnight! Woohoo! You all rock.

Special thanks to Brigitte and Lucus for bringing pizza and a vegan sandwich! :)

Also, thanks to @GrantKMartin, @RickRivera, @Jenny_Smythe, @IgniteAdventure, @Yearlyglot, @KaariB, @sigsegfalt, @RNast, and sorry to everybody who I don't have twitter IDs for.

And thanks to Gold Star just because they rule. Maybe most people weren't paying attention, but a lot of metal was coming through the jukebox. (Now you know why I call it the best jukebox in the world.)

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La la la la linkkkksssssss!

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How To Steal Someone's Identity by Ev'yan

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That's it for this week. Lots of fun stuff coming up, including "The Greatest Offer I've Ever Made." (That will be posted either February 28 or March 1.) Have a great weekend!