Here's the deal. On Monday I'm going to post something I never post, a straight up promo for my friend Corbett's Traffic School (go there today to get some sweet free content). He's releasing it Tuesday to just 100 students and, being that I've had access to it for a while (you'll learn why on Monday), I know it's a necessary course for most people who want a framework on how/where to take their website (any kind of website) to a new level of traffic.

But there's a macro reason why I'm posting a promo on Monday. Among other things, it's a case study for something else I'm doing. Suffice it to say, whether you're interested in the promo or not, you will learn from it. And that's what this site is all about it.

Monday's post will include, and is called, The Greatest Offer I've Ever Made. You're going to think I'm crazy, in a good way. I promise you it is, indeed, the greatest offer I've ever made. That's all I'll say right now, but keep your eye out on Monday. (If you're a Freedom Fighter you already got a hint about what's going on! Check your e-mail.)


Productivity Advice From A Drug Addict Turned Self Made Millionaire by George

I don't know George's last name, and the advice he espouses isn't new, but it doesn't matter. Sometimes things don't "hit" unless they come from a slightly different angle. Although you've heard me say many of the same things George writes here I've never been a high school drop out, drug addict, or millionaire. That's a sufficiently different angle. Enjoy.

Blogging Is Dead Just Like The Web Is Dead by Matthew Ingram

In other words, it's not dead, no matter what some people might try to tell you (in weak attempts at shock/awe and getting more traffic).

A-B Split Test Plugin by Randy Hunt

The beauty of Twitter --> Real Life Interaction. I met Randy (who writes the language blog last year in Austin and then again at the first Ridiculously Extraordinary meetup here in Chicago. A couple days later I asked on twitter if there was a way to split test the HelloBar. There wasn't. Randy asked me what I wanted to do exactly and a day later he created this free Wordpress plugin! It's free for you and anybody else who wants it! If you're using HelloBar you must split test or you're crazy. :)

When To Buy Airline Tickets and More Travel Advice by FareCompare

If anybody has the research to back up claims on when to buy, it's FareCompare.


If you've read How To Live Anywhere you know I talk about a certain self-created tour that I dreamed of doing. It's happening this Summer. If you know what it is please keep it quiet until I reveal it publicly, but know that it is now reality and it's going to be really fun. ;)

Have a great weekend!