The Do Shit You Love Show Bonus Footage

One of my last days in Auckland, NZ I hung out with Baker from to record Episode 1 of his new Do Shit You Love Show.

Before you watch the bonus footage below check out the full show here (link opens in a new tab/window):

The Do Shit You Love Show Episode 1

We discuss traveling, following your passions, and doing what you love, among other things.

Make sure to watch until the end to hear the question I ask you. Then answer it in the ManVsDebt comments. :)

When you're done, come back here and watch the bonus footage of me asking Baker a few questions:

It was getting dark in Auckland and by the end of my video you can barely even see us. I did boost the brightness in Windows Movie Maker even though that makes the video very grainy. What can you do, it is bonus footage. ;)


Last Friday I mentioned that my posting schedule this week will be changed up a bit. There will be no article tomorrow, and I'm posting this Thursday instead of Friday.

There will be no Friday Update and the article I post won't be about the Holidays. It's actually an article I shouldn't post at a time when a lot less people will read it. If you know me by now, you know I don't do what's expected. ;)