How To Live Anywhere: The Official Guide To Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom!

You can now get How To Live Anywhere right here! -->

I worked hard on this course. And (shh), I already added a bonus (2 bonuses for the Long Haul edition!) that's not even listed on the sales page. ;) More bonuses to come as well!

This is my flagship, evergreen, product. I hope, if you pick it up, it affects lots of change in your life. If you don't pick it up, I hope this blog is doing so.

I've been really inspired by all the comments/e-mails/tweets I've been getting lately. If you've written in and thanked me, know that I get just as much inspiration from you as you get from me. (Of course, I already responded to you if you wrote in, so you may already know that. hehe)

So, today is a day of thanks.

Thank you for continually reading and supporting. Even if you're not planning on buying anything from me I want you here.

Thanks to a whole lot of people who are helping out with the launch today (either logistically or with a promotion) or who I interviewed for the How To Live Anywhere course. I will do a full write-up this coming Sweet Shit Saturday #010 (Giving Thanks Edition).

It's a lot of people. Until you're behind the scenes of an orchestrated (meaning, planned out) launch you don't realize how many people come together to make one work.

If you're into what I do here and want to pick up How To Live Anywhere, here you go:

Yours in Freedom Fighting,