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Theodore Roosevelt
Name: Theodore Roosevelt
Birthdate: October 27, 1858
Famous Years: 1901-Present
Currently Known For: Former President of the United States
Networth: $138 millionFamous For: 26th President of the United States
Theodore Roosevelt
Name Theodore Roosevelt
Birthdate October 27, 1858
Famous Years 1901-Present
Currently Known For Former President of the United States
Networth $138 million
Famous For 26th President of the United States

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." One of the most popular presidents in American history, Theodore Roosevelt wasn’t actually elected into the highest political position in the world at first. Roosevelt became president in 1901 when William McKinley was assassinated and Roosevelt took over the spot for nearly eight entire years. Rugged and progressive, Roosevelt is remembered quite fondly by history for a lot of different reasons.

Despite growing up with health problems that included a bad case of asthma, Roosevelt still became one of the most macho figures in history. Not wanting to be held back due to his condition, Roosevelt started training in athletics, including boxing, and it helped his formative years to become much easier. At the time, Roosevelt was being homeschooled by tutors, which allowed him to learn several different languages and he became a master of geography, science and history.

Roosevelt would then be accepted into the prestigious Harvard University, where he continued to excel in certain topics. Science was a very important topic for Roosevelt, who was perhaps the president that was most in touch with nature. Roosevelt was a very successful college student that was part of many different organizations, and he graduated in 1880 with the 22nd ranking in his class, receiving his Bachelor’s of the Arts.

While in college, Roosevelt’s father had passed away, leaving him enough money to basically do as he pleased. With that, Roosevelt continued his education and went to another Ivy League school, this time with Columbia. He would also attain a keen interest in politics in writing during these years, leading to his first victory in the political game when he became a local representative.

Roosevelt spent time in his adult years as a cowboy and general frontiersman, leaving the public life for an extended period of time. When he came back to New York City in the late 1880s, Roosevelt attempted a run for the mayoral position of New York City, only to lose out to Abram Hewitt. A few years later, Roosevelt would work as the New York City Police Commissioner, and made waves in the national news for his time in the military.

Roosevelt’s time during the Spanish-American War was well documented as he was a member of the Rough Riders that the media and public couldn’t get enough of. Roosevelt’s stock had soared due to his heroism, allowing him to win the election for Governor of New York. Then, he would become Vice President and of course took over office upon the death of President McKinley.

Looking back at his time as president, analysts have called it one of the most successful presidencies, and have evaluated his intelligence as being very high. Experts who’ve estimated the IQ scores of presidents have deemed that Roosevelt would be in the top 10, and the highest ranking member of the Republican Party. With an estimated 143 IQ, Roosevelt would also be right around the category of genius, and considered to be highly gifted.

Roosevelt’s educational experience combined with his leadership, charisma and determination make him one of the smartest presidents of all time. Even though he didn’t get a graduate degree, Roosevelt still showed a lot of intelligence by leaving on his own accord so that he could write a successful book. The Harvard grad certainly didn’t flunk out.

There are a lot of presidential distinctions that are held by Roosevelt, including the fact that he’s the youngest president in the country’s history, taking the office at 42 years old. He was also the president that took on more monopolies than any other, instituting acts such as the Elkins Act of 1903 and Hepburn Act of 1906. A man of the people, Roosevelt was strongly against monopolies and trusts.

Those who love nature will also rank Roosevelt the highest of any president, as no other leader of the nation has been more active in conservation. Roosevelt helped to establish the National Park Service that’s still in place today. Many new jobs were created because of Roosevelt’s love of nature, and some states still give jobs to unemployed young adults in their parks because of Roosevelt’s actions.

Only four American presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize, with the most recent being Barack Obama. Roosevelt was actually the first American, let alone president, to receive the award. This came when Roosevelt signed the Treaty of Portsmouth, which put an end to the war between Russia and Japan, a war in which America wasn’t even involved in. So not only was Roosevelt smart, but he was also rather intimidating.

History remembers Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt as one of the best presidents in the nation’s history. Presidents that have Ivy League degrees and political experience in New York City seem like a dime a dozen, but something about Roosevelt really resonated with people from coast to coast. A tremendous speaker, a fine leader and all around noble person, Roosevelt used his intelligence in every aspect of his life from fighting to leading a nation. After all, there’s a reason that Roosevelt’s face is one of the four that’s on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.