Celebrity Then And Now
Name: Usher
Birthdate: January 1, 1970
Famous Years: 1997 - Present
Currently Known For: Continued Rap Career
Networth: $180 MillionFamous For: "Nice & Slow," "U Remind Me," "Confessions Part II"
Name Usher
Birthdate January 1, 1970
Famous Years 1997 - Present
Currently Known For Continued Rap Career
Networth $180 Million
Famous For "Nice & Slow," "U Remind Me," "Confessions Part II"

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 20 years since Usher Raymond made his way to music’s mainstream, and that he’s just now reaching his 40s in 2018. Usher has dominated the charts throughout his career, and has branched out from more than just music to become an entertainment icon.

Born on October 14, 1978 in Dallas, Usher was actually raised mostly in Tennessee where he showed early signs of being a singing talent, especially with his youth choir. When the promise of a musical career took hold, Usher and his family made their way to Atlanta where he became a member of an all-boys R*B group in the early 1990s. Eventually, he would go solo and try to make a name for himself at just 13 years old, where he drew the attention of record label agents.

With that, Usher was featured on the talent show “Star Search” that frequently had younger acts performing. His time on the show would end up getting Usher a record deal with LaFace where he got to work on his debut album. However, Usher’s changing voice thanks to puberty would put the album on delay and he was sent to the home of Sean “Diddy” Combs to work on his craft.

Now that he had a little more experience under his belt, Usher was ready to release his debut album in 1994, though it didn’t achieve high mainstream success. There had been an original album in the works for Usher, but the plans didn’t come to fruition when working with LaFace Records.

“When I first signed to LaFace Records, I wanted to do an album with Babyface and LA Reid, right? I signed specifically for that reason,” he said. “So LA Reid wanted Babyface to work on me and they were going through a lot of drama at the time. They were kind of severing their ties...he got mad and he built an entire album for me, and he have the whole album to somebody else.” That other rapper would end up being Tevin Campbell, who recorded songs that were written for Usher included “Can We Talk”.

Still, it was a good start for Usher who had a bright future. In 1997, Usher would get the biggest break of his career when he got the aid of producer Jermaine Dupri to release his second album known as “My Way”.

The album included songs such as “You Make Me Wanna…” and “Nice & Slow” which would not only achieve success in the United States, but also overseas. The fresh-faced teenager was not just seen as a musical talent, either, and was tabbed as an actor in the late 1990s for television series such as “Moesha” and films such as “The Faculty”. He would keep both his acting and music careers going into the new millennium, continuing to find success in both ventures.

Usher had one of his biggest albums to date when he released “8701” that included the number one hit singles “U Got it Bad” and “U Remind Me”. Awards were commonplace for Usher at this point, especially in 2004 when he released the album “Confessions” that had megahits such as “Yeah!”, “Confessions Part II” and “Burn”. At this point, Usher was cemented as one of the biggest musicians around, selling out arenas around the world.

To this point, Usher has received eight Grammy Awards and countless other trophies from various judging panels. Since “Confessions” was released, Usher has released four albums, three of which reached number one on the Billboard 200 charts. His most recent album was released in 2016, called “Hard II Love” with songs such as “No Limit” and “Crash”.

Usher has also found success even while not in front of the microphone, starting when he founded his own record label in 2002. You might have become familiar with Usher as a producer when he signed singer Justin Bieber who had been popular from YouTube. He had also been looking for more talent to sign, becoming a judge on NBC’s “The Voice”.

Other business ventures for Usher include restaurants and school supplies to name a couple, as well as some smart investments. This includes being a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, which has been a fruitful venture as the team’s value has increased dramatically since the purchase more than 10 years ago. Between business and his endorsement deals, Usher has seen a lot of success.

Currently, there isn’t an announced future album for Usher, though you can guess it’s only a matter of time before he gets back behind the microphone. Even if he doesn’t record another album, Usher will still be considered one of the titans of the music industry. With nine number one singles, Usher is certainly up there as a solo artist for the most in the history of the Billboard charts, with plenty of time to get back up there again.