I regularly get e-mails with statements like "I know I'm nobody and you probably won't even read this, but ..." or "I'm probably just a name on some list, but I wanted you to know ..." and countless other related introductions.

You are more than just a number to me. More than just a name on a list.

That's why this type of thing always surprises me.

Like when I mailed a postcard to 132 of you from Goa, India ... many of you responded with something along the lines of "WTF! Thank you! But WTF?!" :)

It's like showing appreciation has become the exception not the rule. If you're the type of person who shows appreciation for others that's a good thing. It's easy to show appreciation and by showing appreciation it makes you the exception. It makes you stand out. You'll be remembered. Being the exception can be a great thing.

But what I want to know is ...

Why is it the exception to show appreciation?

What has happened to us? Are we too busy road raging and watching Dexter to relate to people on a human level nowadays?

Maybe it has something to do with what we discussed regarding good deeds? Maybe since so many people think "good deeds don't count if you talk about them" people have become conditioned to not bother performing any good deeds that involve human interaction?

Originally this article was really long, dissecting this whole "I'm just a number" thing. I scrapped all of that because I learned a lot from you in the comments on the good deeds article. So I want to know what you think without tainting your ideas with my own thoughts.

Comment below or contact me here (feel free to exceed the 5 sentence e-mail rule on this one) and let me know why you think being a normal human being and showing appreciation for others has become the exception. Why do so many people feel like nameless faces, numbers, cogs in a machine? How can we fix this? Help me help us ...